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January Role-Play of the Month!
Posted by Elizabeth Devane on 2/8 16:40:37 (6 Comments)

There was a fantastic amount of role-playing from our gallery of marvelous writers this month! We had a blast reading all the threads and truly had to work to skim it down to our top finalists. However, we believe we found some of LA’s best and most entertaining threads.

This month’s number one thread has the drama, the tears, the fears, and the character development that make our site great! In Flying through the Corridors, Xiomara Higgins and Piper West explore all the trials and tribulations that come with being a teenager in such troubling times as Hogwarts is experiencing right now. Make sure to check out how these two Ravenclaw girls work through all the angst and turmoil.

In a very close second, the runner-up thread brings a lot of energy and fun to our roleplaying forums. For the Fun of it All has the humor and entertainment that reminds you how writing about life at Hogwarts can be so fun! Griffin Oshanahan & Rachel Owens meet in a very original and laughable fashion when exploring the snowy grounds of Hogwarts. Be forewarned: some snow may have been injured during the creation of this thread.

Coming in as our honorable mention, are the explorations and mishaps of Shadrak Walls and Ezra Seeley in Going Stair-Crazy. As usual, the dim-witted Seeley is all sorts of confused and confounded, bringing great entertainment to both Shadrak and all of us readers! You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see whether or not they master the riddle of the stairs!

HB Chat Outage
Posted by Isaac Emory on 1/25 15:45:59 (0 Comments)

The bottom bar (HB chat/owls/notifications) is currently unavailable. It should be restored shortly.

In the meantime, your notifications can be accessed here.

Site Wide Plot Sign Ups
Posted by Declan Kelly on 1/22 15:50:47 (0 Comments)

We are now opening sign ups to everyone to participate in the upcoming site wide plot event. If you want to be apart of it you're going to have to sign up in the sign up thread located in the Great Hall. Please be patient while we get everyone sorted out properly and you will receive more information at the appropriate time.

Click here for the sign up

School Changes
Posted by Luke Donovan on 1/22 15:30:44 (0 Comments)

As many of you have probably noticed, Brynlee Zane has been asked to step down as Headmistress of Hogwarts and I've been asked to take over the spot due to a string of unfortunate event that have taken place. With this in mind, I'd like to take the time to announce that some new rules are going to start being enforced for everyone's safety. At the current time we're changing curfew to 8PM. Anyone caught outside of the castle after 8PM will be given detention.

Along with curfew being changed, we are now asking that anytime you're outside of the castle that you make sure you have at least one other person with you. This is so that we can reduce the chance of anything more happening to students. Lastly, I ask that if any of you notice anything strange then please make sure to come to either myself or any of the other staff members and let us know. New rules will be enforced immediately.

New Slytherin Prefect
Posted by Breckin Gilchrist on 1/20 12:55:41 (10 Comments)

Please join us in congratulating Miss Ashley Andersson as the latest edition to the Slytherin Student Staff! We have every confidence in her to fulfill this role and are eager to see just what she brings to the table.

Congratulations, Miss Andersson! -applauds-

Winter Festival Awards!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 1/16 0:01:56 (10 Comments)

This year's Winter Festival say and array of amusing threads and activities, but alas it has come to an end. With the end of the festivities comes the award winners though! The award results are as follows:

Snow King: Ezra Seeley
Snow Queen: Xiomara Higgins
Cutest Couple: Bertram Knowles and Piper West
Best Dressed: Hana Yukimura
Best RPer: Bertram Knowles
Best RP thread: Two Left Feet (Xiomara Higgins & Ezra Seely)
The Festival Scrooge: Shadrak Wells

Congratulations to all the winners! Awards will be given out to those who took part in the snowball fight and ice skating event as well as some of the award winners.

Slytherin Prefect Applications
Posted by Elizabeth Devane on 1/10 17:13:34 (2 Comments)

The time has come again – Slytherin needs you!

Being a Prefect brings a number of perks and responsibilities, including:


- You get paid
- Your ideas are put into practice
- You can change the way Slytherin is run
- You can contribute to site-wide ideas and discussions with other SS and Staff
- You automatically become a 5th Year
- You may be considered for Head Boy or Head Girl if you really throw yourself into the role


- Contribute to discussions in the Slytherin Staff Lounge and the Prefect Lounge
- Welcome new Slytherins and encourage them/answer their questions
- Participate in Slytherin and site-wide events
- Help out with Slytherin of the Month/RPotM/site-wide newsletter
- Be as active as you can be, preferably role-playing often and completing some homework
- Liaise with Staff to make Lumos Alliance as enjoyable as it can be

We’re looking for an active, creative student to join our team of Student Staff. If you’re interested in the position, please fill out the following form and owl it to me by January 17th.

When did you join Lumos Alliance?
On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? (1 being once a month, 10 being every day)
Why do you want to become a Prefect?
What strengths could you bring to the role?
What would you say is one weakness of yours, and how could you overcome it?
There’s tension between you and the other SS; what do you do?
How much homework did you do last term?
Finally, how would you suggest we could improve activity in Slytherin house?

Best of luck, and I hope to see an app from you very soon!

Please note that you do not have to be in Slytherin house to apply for this position.

Herculean Results Are in!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 1/8 13:36:11 (6 Comments)

It’s been a long and arduous journey, but the Herculean Competition has finally come to a noteworthy end!

Every house’s competitors have given it their all and shown us just what Hogwarts’ students are made of. The competition was heavy from the get-go, but these tasks heartlessly weeded out even the bravest, wittiest, most loyal, and most cunning of your peers. Only a tenacious few were left standing!

The most thrilling outcome of the competition however, ended up being between the houses. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor showed their house pride from the beginning by shooting up the leaderboard! And, in the end, only ONE point separated them! By the skin of their teeth, the lions brought home the Herculean Competition trophy! Congratulations Gryffindor!

However, the leaderboard for individual competitors looked a bit different. Tied for first place, were the exceptional Cecily Faulkner of Hufflepuff and the remarkable Sebastian Rosenthorn from Slytherin! Ravenclaw and Gryffindor’s champions weren’t far behind however, in the form of Xiomara Higgins and Jaiden Jung who tied another Hufflepuff, Sybil Delys for second place. Rounding out our leaderboard, in third place was the practically perfect prefect of Ravenclaw, Piper West! These students are to be commended for their extraordinary effort and competitive spirit.

Thank you to everyone who participated or helped behind the scenes to make this an exciting event!

December Role-Play of the Month!
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 1/5 14:36:57 (4 Comments)

There's promise of of both laughter and cringing in this month's role-play of the month, Gridlocked
With the Winter Festival and Ball right around the corner, love was in the air. Taking full advantage of the opportunity the clumsy Dorian Faulkner fumbled his proposition to the lovely catastrophe known as Claudia Visby. While neither are willing to admit how they truly feel, they seem united in their need to escape the frozen daggers of the Ice Queen. Though, perhaps Miss Faulkner is simply a cupid in disguise!

In this month’s first runner up, Set the World On Fire, David McLaggan finds himself meeting up with Breckin Gilchrist and sharing his knowledge of dragons with the newly appointed Care of Magical Creatures professor. After talking about dragons and making arrangements to get a dragon egg for a lesson, the two men switch topics and deiced to catch up and see what the other has been doing, but it seems to be the thoughts that the two have about the other that start to make the interaction between the two get interesting. If you want to see how this meeting goes then you better head over and give this thread a read!

The power couple of Hogwarts teamed up for a second time as they faced the demanding second task of the Herculean Task. The quick-witted Roseanne was able to quickly solve parts of the troublesome riddle that would lead them to glory. While her partner and boyfriend, the honorable Bertram, was constantly by her side giving his entertaining input. Until disaster struck. Both snakes ran off towards the danger, putting their chances of winning the task on the line. So Riddle Me This, were they able to complete the task? Read to find out, why this RP is the third place winner!

Congrats to all of you and keep up the great RPing!

New Prefect and Junior Prefect Apps
Posted by Declan Kelly on 1/1 17:58:08 (7 Comments)

Once again Gryffindor's staff is getting a little shaken up and we have a new Prefect, Jessalyn Reigns. She was Gryffindor's First Junior Prefect. She's done such a wonderful job we have promoted her to full on prefect. Congratulations, Jessalyn, do us Gryffies proud!

That said, that leaves us a spot open for Junior Prefects. If you are interested in becoming a junior prefect, please contact me Declan Kelly via owl for an application.

Term Begins!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 1/1 13:10:30 (11 Comments)

We all hope you had a fun and eventful and term break, but now that the holidays and festivities are over, it’s time to get back into school mode and start earning points for your house! Along with that, we now have the official winners of the LA awards!

Mr. LA: Bertram Knowles
Miss. LA: Breckin Gilchrist
Most Spirited: Rachel Owens
Best RPer: Cecily Faulkner
Most Improved RPer: Xiomara Higgins
Best Newcomer: Piper West
Most Helpful: Piper West
Most Popular: Elizabeth Devane and Brynlee Zane

Congratulations to all the winners and we all hope you have a great term!

Winter Festival Begins!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 12/24 15:16:41 (0 Comments)

With Christmas around the corner, the winter festival and ball have officially began! With plenty of activities for you to do, you can attend the ball here where there are activities for students and grads alike to do, or if you're a grad you can head over to London where a party for the adults is being held. For this event only, we have decided to lift the 300 word limit but ask that you please refrain from posting one liners. The festival will end on January 14th 11:59pm LA time, so have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Herculean Competition: Task Three
Posted by Elizabeth Devane on 12/13 10:33:45 (0 Comments)

The end of task one also saw the end of two champion partnerships who, it would seem, the Herculean Tasks were too much for. However, this left room for a new crew of fearless competitors to join in the game! Not only that, but a few teams saw some switching in their partnerships. Whether there were any hard feelings harbored is still to be seen. Either way, one thing is for sure – the second tasks brought a whole new level of challenging down upon our competitors!

The best outcome of this particular task is the array of virtues and skills our champions have been forced to show. While each house and its members are normally known for their characteristic characteristics, the Herculean Competition has demanded so much more from its competitors.

Courage was seen in snakes from Slytherin House as they bravely ran towards danger. Helga’s Hufflepuffs stirred up a magnificent display of wit as they deciphered riddles that would test the acumen of even Rowena Ravenclaw! Never were a more cunning crew of lions prepared to make their house proud than those that found their way through the maze of words and towers of junk. Ravenclaw champions exemplified the true loyalty and companionship eagles are capable of when they fought to stick by their partners’ sides.

This mind-boggling task pushed all the competitors to their limits. Now, each team must ask themselves, are they ready for the third and final task? To see what is in store for our intrepid champions, head down to the lake and witness the completion of Hogwarts’ first Herculean Competition!

The Results Are In!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 12/3 14:17:15 (11 Comments)

Alright everyone! You've all been waiting so patiently to find out the results from all your hard work and they're finally in! Ravenclaw wins the House Cup once more! Congratulations to all you studious Ravens. Of course we should give a special congrats to all the other houses as well! This year the competition was fierce and surely next term will be just as close. As you all know, with term closing that also means that the class awards are handed out. Ooh look at all those shiny trophies!

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Matt GreenSpark
Charms: Brendan Iliad
Transfiguration: Sybil Delys
Divinations: Sybil Delys
Ancient Runes: Bertram Knowles
Herbology: Xiomara Higgins
Astronomy: Roseanne Hawthorne
Muggle Studies: Rachel Owens
Potions: Piper West

Congratulations to all of you as well! Through hard work and dedication, you all have certainly done your houses proud. But let's not forget our top three bonus point earners here! Piper West came in number one with sixty-eight points! Followed closely behind by Sybil Delys with sixty-six and Xiomara Higgins with fifty-nine. Wonderful job, you lot!

In other news: Year-up Applications are now opened! Go on ahead and apply there to move forward in your studies. When you're ready to get on outta Hogwarts and back home for Christmas break, you'll find a train waiting for you at Platform 9 and 3/4! Just don't get so wrapped up in all the holiday cheer that you forget about your train ride back. Oh! But before you leave, make sure to vote here for our Termly LA Awards! Remember: These will all close on December 29th at 12am LA time.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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