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Halloween Ball Has Come to Its Close
Posted by Lumina Brier on 11/22 0:15:58 (0 Comments)

The forum is now closed, so the professors could mark your, without a doubt, amazing posts. Please, stay patient. The results of RP contest and Halloween Awards will be announced as soon as only possible. :3

Roleplay of the Month - October
Posted by Alexandria Calla on 11/13 0:56:18 (4 Comments)

Anya Parkin has always found joy in flying since the young age of seven, while Serena Caldwell has had it grow on her since coming to Hogwarts. Both are ready for pre-tryout practice. What will happen when Bludgers and Quaffle are both in play? Read the winner for this months RPoTM, Practice Makes Perfect, and find out!

Moving on to our first runner up, we involuntarily become the witnesses of a heated argument between no one other than Gilbert Gannon and Vivian Giles. Apparently the turbulent duo had something very important to fight over, seeing as their encounter involved harsh words, beatings and intricate wand movements, most of which the poor Slytherin had to take on himself. Want to get to the bottom of this story? *Cue Battle Music* would be a right place to start.

"Give that back, you wallowing muck-dwelling scum!" Quidditch Professor Ellissa Galivare had a What the Faire?! moment that lead her to be nothing less than defenselessly upside down. Like every damsel in distress, a knight in shining armor saves the day but in the form of Keith Summers in the second runner-up.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done.

Halloween Ball Awards
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 11/11 3:01:43 (1 Comments)

Remember to get your votes in before the ball ends. The categories can be found here.

All Hallows' Eve Has Arrived
Posted by Lumina Brier on 10/31 1:41:53 (0 Comments)

…. along with our annual Halloween Ball! Darling ladies and gentlemen, you all are invited to this bewitching soiree complete with haunting music and terrific treats. There also are roleplaying and costume contest hosted by staff. So, don your best costumes and be sure to join us for a night of spooktacular fun. The event is going to end on the 21th of November. 11:59 LA time.

Attention: Accidently Coming to Speakers Near You
Posted by Lumina Brier on 10/24 20:31:09 (0 Comments)

Some of you may have heard about your Student Staff unintentionally broadcasting a conversation on the Wizarding Wireless Receiver. Their discussion, as most are now a days, was concerning the recent weather catastrophes and strange occurrences. Expect more from from this dedicated group of SS, though hopefully future broadcasts will be intentional, and shed a little more light on the subject.

Roleplay of the Month - September
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 10/11 21:40:44 (9 Comments)

Our RPotM are as follows:

Homework isn't most people's idea of a good time, on this particular day it becomes particularly exasperating to Miss Lilliana Devane. Matters go from bad to worse when Miss Ruth Andrews accidentally knocks over a goblet of juice - you guessed it - all over Lilliana's paper. Alisabeth Javor happens upon the pair, who have already defiled her breakfast quiet time. This drama should come with its own warning label: Beware, addicting material ahead, so make sure you read this month's winner, Wrong Place Wrong Time.

In this month's runner up, Homesick, we see that Serinea Blackwood is itching to get away from the busyness of the school and to find a quieter and calmer place for her to practice her violin. Having found such a spot, she begins to play her Violin while reminiscing about her time back home, particularly her time with her mother. While she is off in her own thoughts, the sound of her music seems to catch the attention of fellow Slytherin Evan Rosier, who decides to follow the music until he stumbles upon the girl in the midst of playing a song. With both of them seeming to be nervous about the others presence, only time will tell out this tale turns out!

In our second runner up, Prior To An Alibi, we see that Matt GreenSpark and Dellyla Rosier both seem to be battling the demons of their past, but while Matt seems to be trying to face his head on, Dellyla chooses to run away from hers which leads her to find Matt standing waist deep in the lake. After diving under the water and not seeing him come back up, she decides to take action and goes in after him to save him but ends up needing to be saved herself. You'll need to keep reading this story to see how things turn out for the two of them!

Congratulations to everyone and well done.

Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch Tryouts!
Posted by Elissa Galivare on 10/5 23:28:47 (0 Comments)

Attention all Quidditch fans in Slytherin and Gryffindor!

If you have been impatiently awaiting for your chance to participate in this amazing and challenging sport and fly for your house team, then I am happy to announce that the wait is over! Eager applicants are invited to check the Slytherin and Gryffindor Common Rooms for instructions on the application process.

Best of luck to all who apply!

The Gryffinclaw Harvest Festival!
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 10/1 13:31:19 (0 Comments)

You're a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, you've had enough of schoolwork and need some time out? Well, then grab a portkey to Chillingham Castle and have some fun at the Gryffinclaw Harvest Festival! Here, your wonderful house staff has organized multiple activities and contests for you. And of course, RPs are more than welcome!
So, what are you waiting for?

Staff Changes
Posted by Lumina Brier on 9/26 10:28:19 (11 Comments)

First of all, you may have already noticed that the lovely Brynlee Silversmit had decided to step down as our Headmistress, but no worries. She's still staying with us as the Foods Professor. :3

Subsequently I would like to congratulate Ms. Lana Van Sarkin, who has kindly agreed to become the new Deputy Headmistress, as well as Ms. Alexandria Calla. She has accepted a position of Hufflepuff Head of House.

Well done, both of you. I know you'll make us all proud.

More As The Story Develops?
Posted by Lumina Brier on 9/9 2:43:22 (13 Comments)

For those, who are interested in learning more about the unexplainable catastrophic events, affecting both wizards and muggles, the special correspondent Sierra Shumway is going to talk about them on Wizarding Wireless Receiver. Stay tuned and keep your WWR close for more reports.

August Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 9/8 13:57:15 (8 Comments)

This months winner for RPotM is Target Practice, a fun Hufflepuff RP at the Renaissance Faire. It starts with Elliot Isles, the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain strolling around the Ren Faire and ending up shooting arrows at the archery station. He is joined by two fellow Hufflepuffs, Anna Capello and Grace Hewitt, shortly after. Together, they practice a bit and start a small competition. This well written and witty RP is definitely worth reading! So, head over to the Ren Faire and congrats to our three Huffies!

Ever have that pushy friend? The one that's loud and proud, and annoyingly insistent? Well our first runner up chronicles a run in with with just that type. In Namless Girl an over zealous Dellyla Rosier finds fellow housemate Margret Blairs nose-in-book-itis very concerning and pledges to take the bookworm under her wing. Will Margret snap under the loss of her book? Will Dellyla throw said book at the opposing Quidditch team? The only way to find the answer to this, and other burning questions, is to pop over to the Quidditch Pitch and watch it unfold.

In this month's second runner up, we have A Hearty Farewell, in which Matt GreenSpark is found by Anna Capello while playing a song at the Renaissance Faire. Curious as to whether he is someone that was hired to play at the fair or just a normal student like herself, Anna strikes up a conversation with the Slyherin, but with some sweet words and another song, how will things turn out for the two of them? Only time will tell.

The Faire Results
Posted by Lumina Brier on 9/3 10:23:17 (7 Comments)

The Ren Faire is officially over, and we are proud to present the results to all of you. Coming in the first place is no one other than Hufflepuff with impressive 277 points, closely followed by the runner ups - Gryffindor with solid 178 points, Ravenclaw with a total of 114 points and Slytherin with 58 points. Wonderful job, guys! If you wish to see the individual scores, the Faire forum will remain open for next few days.

Now, to the prizes. Our most enthusiastic contestants – Anya Parkin and Malcovich Idzadorek – are going to receive a galleon reward, in addition to a special item given to every participant of the Magical Jousting event.

For the Coat of Arms contest the honors go to Elliot Isles and his splendidly hand drawn crest, Malcovich Idzadorek and this remarkable artwork and Claudia Visby with her pretty colored design.

Finally, the winners of Renaissance Faire Awards are as follows:

King: Elliot Isles
Queen: Anna Capello
Princess and her Prince: Anya Parkin and Malcovich Idzadorek
Knight: Matt GreenSpark
Court Jester: Jaiden Jung
Bard (Best RPer award): Elliot Isles.

Congratulations, all of you! Your efforts will be rewarded generously. Everyone, who completed the maze challenge and visited the Fortune Teller's tent, are also going to receive the special keepsakes.

Start of Term!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 9/1 0:10:07 (6 Comments)

I hope you all had a great term break, but it's finally time for you all to get back to work and start earning some points for your house once again! Term 18 has officially begun as well as the race for the house cup! To start off the term, I'd like to announce the LA Award winners!

Most Spirited: a tie between Dellyla Rosier & Danielle Ashford
Mr. Lumos Alliance: Jaiden Jung
Mrs. Lumos Alliance: Katherine Thompson
Most Helpful: a tie between Lana Van Sarkin & Lumina Brier
Most Popular: a tie between Lana Van Sarkin and Brynlee Silversmit
Best Role-Player: Keith Summers
Most Improved Role-Player: Matt GreenSpark
Best Newcomer: Lilliana Devane

Congratulations to all of the winners, and we hope everyone has a great term!

Catastrophe Brewing in the Skies
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 8/29 4:58:18 (5 Comments)

Serious debilitating affects of the weather have been reported by muggles and wizards alike. We would advise everyone to not rely on their wands in this time of distress, because several wizards and witches have reported that their wands haven't been working either. Tearing tornadoes have done almost irreparable damage as well as thunderstorms causing record breaking floods and fiendishly fiery fires, in which muggles and magical folk alike were lost.

The conditions have been so erratic, there are rumors they aren't natural at all. The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes has vehemently denied any magical cause for this weather and is taking the measures necessary for prevention and repair. Though the ministry assures everyone they have the situation under control, we would recommend maintaining caution, keeping your near and dear ones close and safe.

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