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Daily Prophet: Missing Professor Investigation Continues
Posted by Charles Preston on 9/3 14:33:00 (4 Comments)

Recently appointed History of Magic Professor is still nowhere to be found. As Headmistress Brynlee Silversmit confirmed yesterday, not only did Mr Stanton fail to arrive at Hogwarts for the new term he hasn't answered any owls. Visits to his home in Shrewsbury have also been unsuccessful and neighbours informed us he hasn't been home for weeks. One neighbour told us he was going to visit his sister in Spain for a long holiday to celebrate his appointment to Hogwarts staff, although his sister is adamant that Mr Stanton had not made any such plans with her and she had been about to leave for a weekend in Hogsmeade when she received an owl inquiring about her brother's location.

The last known location of Mr Stanton was the Leaky Cauldron, the inn at Diagon Alley where he rented a room for two nights. Mr Stanton's personal effects are still neatly placed in the room and there is no signs of either a struggle or break in, so as of yet the Ministry's official view is that Mr Stanton left of his own accord and they are waiting for new evidence to turn up before they treat the situation as suspicious.

"We are very worried about this sudden disappearance," says his former boss Joseph Higgins "Hopefully, nothing serious has happened and he comes back soon and says that he mixed up dates. Naturally, we already sent people looking for him," Higgins adds hastily, trying to calm some of the parents already worried by the recent explosion that destroyed part Hogwarts school.

How can Hogwarts guarantee a proper education if professors just vanish? Will someone step up in the meantime?

"We don't think it's necessary at this point," says Hillary Mowting, a senior worker in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. "Should he not appear in two to three weeks or if we get hints a crime might have happened, we will start looking deeper into the matter."

Until then, or until Stanton appears again, there's nothing to do but wait and hope. We will keep our readers informed about anything new concerning this mysterious disappearance.

Daily Prophet: New Professor Absent on First Day!
Posted by Charles Preston on 9/1 18:25:20 (6 Comments)

Hogwarts have recently made three new additions to their teaching staff. Finnigan Cross joined the team as the new Potions Master, Danielle Ashford will be teaching Charms to the students, but the newly appointed History of Magic Professor has failed to show up for pre-term lesson planning.

While this isn’t the best start to a new career for Mr Thomas Stanton, management at Hogwarts have already dispatched an owl to locate their absent professor and seek clarification of his missed arrival.

Term 21 Begins!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 9/1 14:23:43 (0 Comments)

The new term has started and as you can see the Professors have been eager to post! Classes are opened and you all may start on any homework that has been put out! Hopefully all of you enjoyed your break but now it's time to shuffle through those doors and get back to studying. Let's get out there and make Term 21 the best one yet!

Keep in mind, term will end on November 30th at 12:00 am LA time. So get in as much homework as you can. There's a House Cup to be won folks!

New Staff and Award Winners!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 8/26 1:35:14 (9 Comments)

I know you all have been patiently waiting, but after reviewing all of the applications we would like to congratulate Finnigan Cross and Danielle Ashford who will be joining the staff as Potions Master and Charms Professor respectively! Along with that, we've tallied up all your votes for the LA awards and your winners are the following;

Mr. LA: Matt GreenSpark
Mrs. LA: Meghan Frisk
Most Spirited: Elissa Galivare
Best RPer: Roseanne Hawthorne
Most Improved Rper: Rachel Owens
Best Newcomer: Bertram Knowles
Most Helpful: Brynlee Silversmit
Most Popular: Elizabeth McLaggan

Once again, congratulations to everyone!

Slytherin Prefect Applications
Posted by Elizabeth McLaggan on 8/23 12:31:29 (0 Comments)

Greetings students,

Slytherin is in need of an active, enthusiastic new Prefect to join our excellent team. You may apply no matter what year or house you're in; simply fill out the following application and send it to Elizabeth McLaggan by September 1st:

Current House:
How long have you been on LA?:

* How much time can you dedicate to Prefect duties per week?:

* What are your key strengths (e.g activity, graphics, leading discussion etc)?:

* I've asked you to write a blurb naming Brynlee Silversmit as Slytherin of the Month - could you please show me an example of that blurb?

* Things got a bit heated between you and the other Slytherin SS and now tensions are running high; what would you do?

* You're just about to go offline for the night when a student pops up and asks you to edit a thread for them because they made a typo, but you really do need to go - what, if anything, do you say/do?

Best of luck to everyone who applies ~

Gryffindor Prefect Applications
Posted by Jack Flynn on 8/15 18:31:41 (0 Comments)

Gryffindor is now opening up applications for Prefect. We are opening this to students from all houses. We are in need of active members that are willing to work hard and help make our house a fun and enjoyable place to be. In order to qualify you must be sexy like me currently active, willing to transfer to Gryffindor, willing to work as a team. Please fill out the questionnaire below and owl them to me, Jack Flynn.


1. What do you feel is the most important aspect of being a Prefect?
2. How long have you been an active member of Lumos alliance?
3. Do you have any experience as a moderator or prefect?
4. If chosen what 3 activities would you suggest to help promote Gryffindor activity?

July Roleplay of the Month!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 8/9 10:59:34 (6 Comments)

In July's RPoTM, things get a little heated between "just friends" Abigail Winston and Damien Blackwood. After hearing about Damien's Quidditch injury, Abigail rushes to the Hospital Wing to confront him and make sure he's okay, even though he's been avoiding her recently. After making up, the two share a little more than words... But who's that listening in? You'll have to read Broken Arms and Fumbled Words to find out!

A dreary day at the Lake turns into an enchanting sing-along of a Scottish melody with this month's first runner up. First year Badgers Astrid Macrae and Ava Blanchard examine their feelings about being sorted into Hufflepuff, and both finding their new house may take some getting used to. This is a wonderful thread that gives an opportunity to see what these girls are like. Curious? You should be! Go read Lakeside Songs!

Rivalry between lions and snakes seem to be higher than ever with our second runner up. Sure enough, Pride and Prejudice is befitting of Slytherin's prefect, Bertram Knowles, and Gryffie's own: Miss Rachel Owens! In this rendition, the two are forced to partake in a nasty detention. Having spent their time cleaning out an old closet, it's no surprise that they've stumbled upon something. Just what could it be and how will they get out of this mess? Go ahead and take a peak!

The Four House Festival is opened!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 8/7 18:24:16 (1 Comments)

I am pleased to present the Four House Festival held at Camp Loch Lake!

There will be a cooking contest and story telling at the blazing magical campfire, a magical petting zoo with wonderful creatures, and tent-colouring for those with an artistic spark. When the camp closes (and unfortunately it will) there will be prizes given to any contest winners, including an adorable pug puppy!

What are you waiting for? Stop by Camp Loch Lake today because this event ends on August 31st!

Staff Changes and Professor Applications
Posted by Isaac Emory on 8/6 14:16:15 (7 Comments)

As mentioned briefly in the last update, we have been restructuring the staff on LA, and a few changes have been made. The important new positions are as below:

-Brynlee Silversmit is returning as Headmistress
-Lilliana Devane, currently Head of Ravenclaw, will be Deputy Headmistress
-Gregory James will be taking up the position of Head of Hufflepuff
-Elizabeth McLaggan will be the new Head of Slytherin
Feel free to join me in congratulating the above on their new appointments.

For those of you that are eager to join our ranks, Professor Applications are also now open! We are accepting applications for Charms, Potions and History of Magic.

Applications will be open until 25th August, so give your apps due consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

End of Term - Congratulations Ravenclaw!
Posted by Isaac Emory on 8/3 6:58:09 (16 Comments)

Another term has drawn to a close. We've finally tallied up the points (there were a lot!) and have a clear winner - the House Cup goes to Ravenclaw!

Congratulations, and I hope to see you work just as hard to defend it next term.

Platform 9 3/4 is open once again - take the train, relax, maybe keet a few new faces on their way into Hogwarts.

For those of you that have put the work in, you can now fill in your year-up applications here. As a reminder, first- and second-years need 20% and all other years need 30%.

Voting for the LA Awards is also open! One small change: those of you with multiple accounts can only vote once, to make it fairer for everybody.

The subject awards have already been decided, as below:

Care of Magical Creatures: Addison Blackwood
Quidditch/Flying:Sebastian Rosenthorn
Charms: Ava Blanchard
Foods: Bertram Knowles
History of Magic: Louisa Brookes
Ancient Runes: Nathan Kings
Transfiguration: Mallory Haggith
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Hattie Knox
Divination: Felia Eve Vicioucity
Herbology: Mallory Haggith
Potions: Mallory Haggith
Muggle Studies: Emily Orsa
Astronomy: Matt Greenspark

Congratulations once again to all of the above - you've done yourselves and your Houses proud.

Finally, on the note of professor applications, we are currently restructuring the staff so these will take a couple more days to open. Hopeful candidates, watch this space!

EDIT: Whoops, wrong House. This is worse than the end of the Philosopher's Stone >_>

Prefect Applications
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 7/14 8:55:53 (5 Comments)

Please congratulate Miss Mallory Haggith on making Ravenclaw Prefect! She has been working hard lately and totally deserves it. We are still needing one more prefect to make our team perfect so if you think you fit the bill, apps are open no matter what house. All you will need to do is owl me this form:

1. How long have you been on LA?
2. How active have you been over the last couple of months?
3. If you are selected, how much time can you dedicate to your duties?
4. Do you have experience?
5. Why do you want this position?
6. Why do you think we should accept your app?
7. What is one thing you'd like to see change?
8. Give me two detailed event ideas. One for Ravenclaw, and the other for site-wide.

Roleplay of the Month - June
Posted by Lumina Brier on 7/12 12:44:59 (3 Comments)

It's this time of the month again, ladies and gentlemen. Without any hesitation, I would like to introduce the winning piece of writing for June - the Fire Starters, brought to you by Emily Orsa and Jaiden Jung. Naturally, it is always a wonderful idea to skip a class or two and head into the wild and mysterious lands of the Forbidden forest (if you want a detention, that is), but why would they do such a thing? A million galleons question, but no more spoilers! Check it now to find out!

Fresh faces and awkward encounters. The first introduction has never been easy but bright bubbly Ava is on a case to get two boys, Bertram and Finn, to befriend each other. Will the case be solved and their assignment completed? Read on in this month's first runner up, Rainy Days and New Friends.

Coming in as this month's second runner up is Breaking the Silence. When fed up with the peaceful, quiet aura of the Hogwarts Library, unruly first-year Bethany Bubblebee attempts to put a stop to the silence, disrupting the relaxing Hisa Mortblac. Read on as the plot thickens when a vague argument between the unlikely Slytherin friends in this mischievous, hostile story.

Congratulations, everyone!

New Out of Character Forum!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 7/1 14:00:33 (0 Comments)

As some of you may or may not have noticed yet, we have added a new "Out of Character Corner" forum. This will be a forum where you can talk about topics outside of the Harry Potter fandom such as movies, music, etc with other members of the site. A link to this forum has been added in the Entrance Hall. We hope you have fun and enjoy the new forum!

Lock-In Extended!
Posted by Elissa Galivare on 6/24 10:52:50 (0 Comments)

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Hogwarts Lock-In, don't worry. The event has been extended until June 30th (11:59 LA time). Grab your pillow and come join the fun!

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