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LA Tumblr!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 6/27 22:09:40 (4 Comments)

The staff have decided to start a La tumblr were we'll be posting site news, making grahpics, and many other things. If you're interested, the blog can be found here.

Enter the Contest
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 6/27 19:51:05 (1 Comments)

Hey everyone! So we have a very special contest that we'll be holding from now until the 5th of August where you can submit your very own spell to the Lumos Alliance website. After careful review, your spell will be announced and entered into our spell book! That means Lumos Alliance will officially have your spell on record and people will be allowed to use it in their Role-Plays. Staff may even use your spell in their lessons! Go ahead and get creative, this is a contest after all, and should your spell be chosen then you'll be a part of Lumos history!

You may click here to submit your application. Remember on August 5th, 12:00 am EST the contest will be closed. We ask when you send in your application that you follow the ToS for all parts. We will be choosing multiple winners if applicable so good luck everyone!

Multiple Accounts
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 6/7 23:31:28 (0 Comments)

It's come to my attention that a lot of people are making multiple accounts without permission and then lying about it and trying to cover it up. This stops now. If you would like another account then all you need to do is talk to either myself, Brynlee Zane, or Lilliana Devane, your Headmistress. If we catch anyone else creating multiple accounts without permission or signing up and saying it's your friend/sibling/other only to find out you lied and that it's actually you, you'll be suspended for a week and then you'll come back to a detention. Please make sure you read over the Terms of Service (it's been updated and I know that everyone got a notification about this change) and please make sure you're following the rules. Staff shouldn't have to keep getting on people about this. Sorry to sound rude about this, but it's getting old.

Hogwarts Unveils New Duelling Arena
Posted by Gregory James on 6/6 21:48:39 (2 Comments)

Hello, Hogwarts! Have we got a lot in store for you this month! Your staff have been hard at work for many months now both in character and OOC, and we are now proud to finally present you with the fruits of our labors!

Some of you will recall the large explosion that completely obliterated our old History of Magic classroom. Sadly, this accident came at the worst possible moment, and it made speculations arise that Hogwarts’ staff and administration were up to no good. Well, now we can reveal to you the purpose (and secrecy) behind our inability to comment and our unwillingness to divulge more information.

The explosion was caused by the exploratory and experimental work of two of our professors, James and Van Sarkin. These two masters of magic were working together to create an entirely new space at Hogwarts, which sadly forfeited the once-stable structure of the History of Magic classroom. However, thanks to their experimental work, Hogwarts is now home to one of the most advanced and sophisticated dueling arenas known to the Wizarding World! We can all be sure that it will be put to use for grand tournaments and other auspicious occasions. However, for now, it is yet another area for students to expand upon their magical knowledge. Be sure to take note of the rules and procedures expected of all those who enter the arena. The Arena Officials will be keeping a close eye on the newest addition to the Hogwarts campus.

In out of character news, staff have listened to our lovely members and created a new way for you to further develop your writing skills! We’d like to introduce you to the new Writer’s Role-Play Workshop. Here, once every month or two, a new way to expand upon your skills as a writer will be posted by one of our staff (or perhaps even an RPotM winner or two!). There may be a task attached to these, which you may choose to complete. These workshops are not a requirement, but do offer rewards beyond simply the expansion of your own writing toolkit. Be sure to check back to the forum often and see what new adventures await!

May Roleplay Of The Month
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 6/4 20:48:52 (8 Comments)

There’s tension. There’s sarcasm. There even seems to be a possible detention in their near future! In Nice Trip, See You Next Fall, Levi Whitacre and Zeke Hendrix get themselves into a tight fix with the Headmistress, Lilliana Devane. This Role-Play of the Month is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats as we all await the outcome of this action-packed and intense thread!

Our close runner-up for this month features a new face to Lumos Alliance, the lovely and fiesty Adrianna Corona. This snake goes finds herself confronted with the whirlwind known as Fin! Mr. Oshanahan certainly has a nose for mischief and a mouth that apparently can’t be stopped. It’s no wonder that these two pranksters have teamed up to create a mouth-watering masterpiece of comedy and animosity in Out of Balance.

Last, but not least, we round out this month’s top threads with a combination of Ravenclaws doing what those birds do best – thinking. Well, perhaps they’re doing more than that, but Xiomara Higgins and Milah Moorstead certainly find themselves in some deep conversational waters after the initial greetings pass in A Cleared Conscience. For those of you who have forgotten, Ms. Moorstead was one of the victims who was abducted from our hallowed halls. Perhaps you should also check up on her, and see how she’s doing by giving this thread a read!

June LGBT+ Pride Event
Posted by Finnigan Cross on 6/1 18:48:48 (0 Comments)

It's 2016! Times have changed, especially here at Hogwarts. Witches, wizards and everyone in between from all walks of life come to receive the finest magical education the Wizarding World has seen. For this event, we're celebrating the individuals who won't be labeled as simply "witch" or "wizard". You've overcome a lot to get to where you are, writer and character.

Step right up to Lumos Alliance's first ever Pride Event! With activities like Broom Racing and the Glam Contest, it would be impossible to refuse! The fun starts today on the 1st of June and ends on the 30th. Cheers, In-Betweeners. This one's for you.

New Professors chosen!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 5/21 13:14:59 (1 Comments)

After going through all the applications, we would like to congratulate Mallory Haggith, who will be the new Transfigurations Professor, and Theron Balavan who not only is going to be teaching Muggle Studies, but is currently working on publishing his own book which you'll be able to find in the library once it's published! Once again, congratulations you two!

Regarding the Chat Bar
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 5/12 13:10:34 (0 Comments)

We're looking into what has happened to the chat bar. In the mean time if you need to access your notifications then use this link here. If you really want to chat with your friends and don't want to sit there owling them then just use the chat room. The link to it is located on the side bar. If you're having trouble finding it then the link is here.

Thank you everyone for your patience. <3

Term 23 Has Begun!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 5/2 3:09:02 (0 Comments)

Listen up everyone! The new term has begun and that means that you all get to start up your classes and work on studies once more. We apologize in the delay as most of you are accustomed to classes starting earlier. Someone apparently thought it would be funny to let loose a Pygmy Puff in the corridors and it took quite a few of us to wrestle the little critter. Everything is all clear now and a few of you have already been able to start your studies. Don't forget to be kind and courteous to all of our new students! Congratulations to those who have been sorted into their respective houses. We're sure to see great things from all of you.

In other news, we would like all of you to give a warm welcome to our new caretaker, Mr. Walden Burnes! Not too many people were keen on the arduous tasks this job calls for but he has certainly made an impression on us and we are happy to have him in our midst helping to make things run a bit more smoothly around the castle. Congratulations Mr. Burnes!

Last but not least, you all may have noticed that Professor applications were put out not too long ago. We have decided to extend the applications for an extra week. That means that the Professor Applications will now close on May 14th! This should give any one wishing to apply ample time to fill out those pesky application forms. Good luck to all who apply and may each and every one of you have a wonderful term!

April Roleplay of The Month
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 5/1 15:54:58 (5 Comments)

This months winner was quite a page turner, Dorian Faulkner and Claudia Visby enjoyed a beautiful yet awkward ride home on the Hogwarts Express in the Case of Identity. The clumsy Irish man showed his musical prowess as the equally clumsy Gryffindor Keeper stumbled in. Go on and read how the emotionally stunted Dorian trips over his emotions, in this gripping story of a budding relationship.

Abigail and Damien both wake up in a strange hotel, in strange clothes, with no recollection of the previous night's events. When the witch pieces everything together, the pair realizes they both did something drastic under the influence of their drinks. Find out how the two aurors handle the situation in this month's first runner-up, That's what you get for waking up... in Ontario?

It's always exciting to see new faces out and about around the site. This month's second runner-up gives us just that! In Lost and Found, two first years, Elizabeth Padmore and Felia Eve Viciousity, give us the wondrous view of two young witches experiencing all the three broomsticks - and the wizarding world in general - has to offer! The girls seem to be experiencing several firsts together, so make sure you stop by and give it a read yourself to see what exciting discoveries they make!

LA Award Results!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 4/29 15:27:13 (6 Comments)

It was really close with some of the votes, but here are your term 22 LA award winners!

Mr. LA – Shadrak Walls
Miss LA – Xiomara Higgins
Most Spirited – Rachel Owens
Best RPer – Xiomara Higgins
Most Improved – Shadrak Walls
Best Newcomer – Griffin Oshanahan
Most Helpful – Bertram Knowles
Most Popular – A tie with Elizabeth Devane and Piper West

Congratulations to all the winners!

Professor Applications!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 4/24 16:39:28 (0 Comments)

Alright ladies and gentlemen! The time for Professor applications are here. Unfortunately our beloved Transfiguration Professor, Kasia Lisette, has stepped down. With Transfiguration and Muggle Studies open we have decided to announce applications. Those who wish to apply have until May 7th. Click here to send in an application. Remember, you only get one chance to send us your best work so make these two weeks count!

Since it is already so close to term we are looking to find our new team members fast so please keep in mind that the staff reserve the right to close applications early should we choose to do so. Good luck to everyone!

Special powers given out!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 4/19 0:55:03 (0 Comments)

First of all, we wanna thank everyone who applied to get a special power this time around. A lot of really good applications were send in and after talking it over, we would like to congratulate Sebastian Rosenthorn, Finnigan Cross, Wil Anon, Sybil Delys, Dorian and Cecily Faulkner, Levi Whitacre, Nash Jennings, Xiomara Higgins, and Bertram Knowles on getting their new special powers!

March Roleplay of The Month
Posted by Finnigan Cross on 4/14 22:04:11 (5 Comments)

Our winner certainly is quite the story indeed. Griffin and Xiomara take a trip to the Greenhouses in The Irrationality of Rationality where the younger Hufflepuff is met by uncertain danger. Coming to his rescue Higgins easily steps in and takes out the small foe. The adventure doesn't end there once the two start talking. This interesting read leaves us wondering just what will happen next!

Rivals Cecily Faulkner and Bertram Knowles nab a spot in March's Roleplay of The Month! Are we really surprised here? In the roleplay The Dungeon Classroom Mystery, the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain Cecily Faulkner accidentally aids aspiring wandmaker and Head Boy Bertram Knowles in conducting an experiment that could potentially revolutionize the world of wand making! This marvelous pair of writers display skill in character development and a talent in creativity and ingenuity. When you see either one of these RPoTM Runner-Ups around the castle, be sure to give them a pat on the back.

In this month's second runner up, Let The Games Begin, we find that Abel Tonkins has been brought in for questioning by none other than Damien Blackwood. After bringing his partner, Abigail Blackwood, in to help question the criminal, things quickly to go downhill as Abel only seems to make comments to purposely annoy the two stressed out Aurors and run them in circles until he makes the worst possible comment towards Damien. Make sure to give this thread a read if you wanna see how the Auror is gonna react!

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