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Spring Break!
Posted by Elissa Galivare on 4/13 12:35:56 (8 Comments)

What's that I hear? It sounds like a bunch of people having fun on the beach. Oh yeah, that's right, the Huffleclaw Spring Break! event is going on! This event ends on May 1st, so make sure to head on down to the beach and join in on all the ongoing fun!

Links can be found in both Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's CR. Can't have you forgetting anything in your rush to get to the fun, now can we?

March Role Play of The Month
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/12 17:34:48 (7 Comments)

Our winning RP for this month is Jinx, Where are You? with Arianwyn Harries and Cassie Talbot. It is a delightful RP about a boy looking for his lost cat the bond which forms between two strangers. A cute tale with a little bit of mystery and a pleasure to read.

First runner up is You Could Be of Use. When First Year Edwin Cavendish finds Second Year Dellyla Rosier at the brink of the Forbidden Forest, a step on the foot becomes something more. With two very strong personalities, a chance meeting in the middle of the night opens up unspoken possibilities as each must unravel their own, true motivations for being there... Let alone those of the other.

Our second runner up for this month is Old Faces, New Places with fifth year Bailey Marx, and third year Matt Greenspark. It is the catching up of two old and dear friends and it all started with an owl. This thread is filled with playfulness and innocent flirting.

Congratulations to the winners and to the runner ups. Keep on RPing, everyone.

End Of Term Announcements
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/5 21:17:30 (4 Comments)

I know everyone has been waiting patiently, but the wait is finally over! At times it was a close race, but all their hard work paid off as this term's house cup goes to Ravenclaw! Congratulations to all of you who worked so diligently and secured the cup for your house, and good work to everyone out there who did their best to earn as many points for their house as they could!

Along with the house cup, we also have the departmental awards as well as the bonus point awards to hand out. The departmental awards for each class go out to the student who stood out to that class’s professor and excelled in that class, while the bonus point awards are for those who went above and beyond on their homework. The winners for each class are the following:

Department Awards:

Care of Magical Creatures: Dellyla Rosier
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Sylvia DeLuna
Divination: Rowan Granby
Herbology: Mirra Lecoeur
History of Magic:Demitria Todd
Muggle Studies: Lillaya Moonstar
Potions: Danielle Ashford
Quidditch/Flying: Alisabeth Javor
Charms: Katherine Thompson
Transfiguration: Arianwyn Harries

Bonus Point Awards:

Your top 3 bonus point winners are:
1. Mirra Lecoeur – 53 points
2. Katharine Thompson – 49 points
3. Danielle Ashford – 45 points
The rest of the bonus point winners can be found here.

I want to give a huge congratulations to everyone! Your awards should be given to you shortly. With that, I would like to let everyone know that the LA awards are officially open and will be closed April 28th at 11:59 pm LA time. As always, please remember that you need to actually type someone's name in for “Most Popular.” Good luck!

LA awards can be found here

Year Up and Professor Applications
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/3 15:35:14 (0 Comments)

It's that time again, year up applications are now open! These applications will be open until April 30th 11:59 pm LA time, so make sure you get your application in on time if you wish to go up a year!

Along with that, we also now have professior applications open. Since we've had some staff members need to step down due to real life business, we're now taking applications for Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions. Please make sure you get your applications in by April 24h 11:59 pm LA time if you wish to be considered.

Good luck to everyone who applies, and have a great break!

End Of Term
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/1 22:52:15 (0 Comments)

It's been a busy term, but now it's come to a end. With this in mind, anyone who still has unmarked homework will have it marked over the next few days and at that time all departmental and bonus points winners will be announced and awarded.

Also within the next few days year up applications as well as professor applications will be opened up. I hope everyone have a great break and make sure to be back on May 1st for the new term!

New Head of Slytherin!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 3/29 4:00:03 (8 Comments)

Due to having a very busy schedule, Kasia Lisette has decided to step down as Head of Slytherin. Though she's stepping down as Head of Slytherin, she will still be continuing on as a professor and teaching History of Magic! With this, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Vanity Sturbridge who is now the reigning Head of Slytherin!

February Roleplay of the Month
Posted by Lumina Brier on 3/10 4:53:13 (4 Comments)

Ladies and gentlewizards, put your hands together for the winner of February’s Role-Play of the Month…It’s Almost Easy. by Katharine Thompson and Jonas Granby! Kat finds herself trying desperately to ignore possibly one of the biggest surprises the year has brought her — Jonas Granby at Hogwarts. The older brother of her beloved best friend, the presently slightly shattered Jonas enrolls in Hogwarts shortly after being kicked out of his old school following a ”minor incident”. What will the reunion bring for the two? And why in Merlin’s name hasn’t Kat been told about Jonas’s coming to Hogwarts? This witty, exciting read is sure to have you dying for more!

Runner-Up for this month’s RPoTM goes to Three’s Company by Lon Hamilton, Tobias Landon, and Finnick Avery. The dynamic duo of Tobias Landon and Finnick Avery are still, to their best mate Lon’s dismay, buzzing after their most recent victories, when the trio hears Gryffindor’s celebrating just tables away in the Great Hall. Despite Lon’s pleas, the two daredevils scheme a comeback for Slytherin that’ll shut their schoolmates in the maroon right up, and this one ought to be good! What tricks do Tobias and Finnick have up their sleeves this time? Will Lon be able to stop them before its too late? This humorous and well-written role play will have you thirsty for answers!

Second Runner-Up goes to Horror stories in the Forbidden Forest. Yeah. What a brilliant idea. by Basiliscus Bragge and Dellyla Rosier. It certainly was a brilliant idea that landed them in this spot. A comfortable friendship between a Slytherin and a Gryffindor has brought them to explore the ever mysterious Forbidden Forest. As the atmosphere sets in, one could not resist the urge to tell stories... horror ones in particular especially when your companion isn't too brave. Read more to join in their little adventure.

New Forums
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 3/6 17:57:30 (0 Comments)

We have added a new forum for everyone to plot in. The Plotting Forum is specifically for people to post "wanted ads" for their plots. A link to this forum can be found in the Plotting Pages forum.

Also, we have added the Harry Potter Book and Movie Discussion forum back to the site. This is the place to talk about the books and movies. A link for this can be found in the Entrance Hall.

New Items Available and New Stores Opened
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 3/3 18:08:58 (0 Comments)

The graphics team have been busy lately making many items for you to spend your hard earned Galleons on. And with that in mind, I would like to present to you two new stores which are now open.

Found in Hogsmeade is Dante's Shoe Inferno which is the place to find all those cute shoes to match those outfits you might like to wear. Also opening is a new clothing store in Paris called Vanity's Fair. Both of these new stores will be stocked with new items as they are made so keep an eye on them.

Also, for those of you who wish to take a break from Hogwarts or who are tired of shopping at the same stores in Hogsmeade every weekend, you can now catch a train to Paris from Diagon Alley. This link can be found in the "plain text" version. Just click on that.

Why not explore the stores for new items and go and spend some money.

Valentine's Wrap Up
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 3/2 1:27:07 (7 Comments)

We hope everyone had a fun time with the Valentine's Day Ball, but now it's time for us to wrap it and announce all the winners of this year's Valentine's Day Ball. Without further ado, we give you your winners!

For the mask coloring contest the first prize goes to Katharine Thompson as she made a beautifully hand painted mask that we couldn't take our eyes off of! Second place goes to Clarence Ballard for his steampunk mask, and third place goes to Rikuto Jun for his ”heartless” submission. Well done to all of you for making wonderful masks!

Lastly the Valentine's Day Ball Awards are as follows:

Best Kisser: Zadrina Gibbs
Snog Hoarder: Clarence Ballard
Most Romantic: Hadrian Magnus
Cinderella & Prince Charming: Brynlee & Janae Silversmit
The "Love Sucks" Award: Zadrina Gibbs

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Character Plotting Pages Reminder
Posted by Esmond Summers on 3/1 21:05:38 (0 Comments)

This is just a quick reminder about the Character Plotting Pages.

Most people just create their threads and then abandon them, mainly because others never really post in them. I just want to remind you all that you are more than welcome to post in people's threads... that's what the whole purpose was from the beginning.

Also, if you're looking for plot, you can double post in your own thread stating "I'm in need of ____ and need someone to fill that role." Then, you can post there telling them that you're interested. Keep in mind that half of the time, people aren't going to come to you... you have to come to them.

So yeah, plot pages aren't just meant to be created and sit there looking pretty... please make use of them :).

The Valentines Ball Is Here!
Posted by Alera Summers on 2/14 0:05:49 (0 Comments)

Happy Valentine's Day LA! With this day, the Valentine's Masquerade Ball begins! Bring your mask, your date, and best attire to the ballroom.

Don't forget to take part in the Kissing Booths and enjoy creating your very own mask provided by your own Student Staff. I hear there are some prizes in store for the winners.

You'll also get a chance to send that special someone a love letter and have it displayed for all to see. The catch? They won't know who you are! But you'll get to show how much you appreciate them publicly.

Don't forget to vote in the Valentine's Ball Awards! Let us know what you think!


Best Kisser; for the one that role-played the best at this years Ball.

Snog Hoarder; for the one that role-played in the most threads.

Most Romantic; for the one that created the most interesting role-play.

Cinderella & Prince Charming; the cutest couple award.

"Love Sucks" Award; this will be given to the one that was the least romantic that dislikes Valentine's everything.

Make sure to owl your ballot for the awards to Danielle Ashford, Hadrian Magnus, or Jameson Frost

Last, but surely not least, plant a rose for those you care about in our rose garden! It's been flourishing for many years and could always use more.

Have fun, and happy roleplaying!

Second Accounts and All That Stuff
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 2/13 19:11:25 (0 Comments)

If you know the identity of a person's second account, then please do not go around telling everyone. It's rude. If that person wants them to know they will tell that person themselves.

This has been happening far too much lately and it must stop now. Unless that account belongs to you, you are not to say a word to anyone about it.

I will smite you with my ban hammer for a few day if you keep doing it. So, please stop.

Hufflepuff Prefect Chosen
Posted by Lumina Brier on 2/8 1:30:34 (8 Comments)

The applications have now been closed.

A huge thank you to everyone, who showed their interest in this position and took their time to turn their apps in. You all did a great job.

And congratulations to Ms. Bailey Marx, the newest Hufflepuff Prefect. I'm certain she'll make Hufflepuff proud in no time.

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