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Professor Applications!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 4/24 16:39:28 (0 Comments)

Alright ladies and gentlemen! The time for Professor applications are here. Unfortunately our beloved Transfiguration Professor, Kasia Lisette, has stepped down. With Transfiguration and Muggle Studies open we have decided to announce applications. Those who wish to apply have until May 7th. Click here to send in an application. Remember, you only get one chance to send us your best work so make these two weeks count!

Since it is already so close to term we are looking to find our new team members fast so please keep in mind that the staff reserve the right to close applications early should we choose to do so. Good luck to everyone!

Special powers given out!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 4/19 0:55:03 (0 Comments)

First of all, we wanna thank everyone who applied to get a special power this time around. A lot of really good applications were send in and after talking it over, we would like to congratulate Sebastian Rosenthorn, Finnigan Cross, Wil Anon, Sybil Delys, Dorian and Cecily Faulkner, Levi Whitacre, Nash Jennings, Xiomara Higgins, and Bertram Knowles on getting their new special powers!

March Roleplay of The Month
Posted by Finnigan Cross on 4/14 22:04:11 (5 Comments)

Our winner certainly is quite the story indeed. Griffin and Xiomara take a trip to the Greenhouses in The Irrationality of Rationality where the younger Hufflepuff is met by uncertain danger. Coming to his rescue Higgins easily steps in and takes out the small foe. The adventure doesn't end there once the two start talking. This interesting read leaves us wondering just what will happen next!

Rivals Cecily Faulkner and Bertram Knowles nab a spot in March's Roleplay of The Month! Are we really surprised here? In the roleplay The Dungeon Classroom Mystery, the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain Cecily Faulkner accidentally aids aspiring wandmaker and Head Boy Bertram Knowles in conducting an experiment that could potentially revolutionize the world of wand making! This marvelous pair of writers display skill in character development and a talent in creativity and ingenuity. When you see either one of these RPoTM Runner-Ups around the castle, be sure to give them a pat on the back.

In this month's second runner up, Let The Games Begin, we find that Abel Tonkins has been brought in for questioning by none other than Damien Blackwood. After bringing his partner, Abigail Blackwood, in to help question the criminal, things quickly to go downhill as Abel only seems to make comments to purposely annoy the two stressed out Aurors and run them in circles until he makes the worst possible comment towards Damien. Make sure to give this thread a read if you wanna see how the Auror is gonna react!

Job Vacancy: Caretaker
Posted by Elizabeth Devane on 4/6 19:48:59 (1 Comments)

This job is open to all graduates. Please read the information below and owl the application form to Lilliana Devane by April 28th.

Job Title: Caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Available to: All Graduates

Employer: Hogwarts Headmaster/Mistress (currently Lilliana Devane)

Job Description: The Caretaker is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the Castle, as well as overseeing the punishment of troublesome students. Duties include, but are not restricted to:

- Patrolling the Castle for students out of bed after hours, or in forbidden areas.
- Enforcing the hygiene of the school and the students.
- Maintaining the school itself, including carrying out repairs if necessary.
- Putting troublesome students in detention and overseeing said detention.
- Taking a lead on security, including Hogsmeade trips, mail and people coming in and out of the Castle.
- Carrying out any other jobs as instructed by the Headmaster/mistress.

Ideal Candidates should:

- Have a positive reputation, both from their days as a student and from any former employment.
- Have a good knowledge of school rules/history.
- Be confident enough to enforce school rules.
- Have a perfectly clean criminal record.
- Be organised, clean and tidy.

Application Form (to be filled out In-Character unless stated otherwise and owled to Lilliana Devane):



Former House:

Achievements/Work Experience (including school awards/titles/previous employment):

Why do you want to become Caretaker?

Why should we choose you?

Caretaker is a round-the-clock job – how active are you? (OOC):

As Caretaker, your job will be role-play based. Please respond to the following prompt in no less than 300 words. You may make up names/years/houses for the characters in the prompt in order to assist your writing, but please do not god-mode the characters beyond the information given in the prompt. Consider the following questions when writing your response:

- Should both students be punished?

- If so, should they receive the same punishment?

- If not, who do you punish? Just one of them? Neither of them?

- What punishment will you give each of them, if any? Be sure to “tell” the student(s) what their punishment(s) will be in your role-play.

While undertaking your nightly patrol of the Castle you come upon two students in the Restricted Section of the Library. One of them is an older student and a known trouble maker, while the other is a first year and hasn’t been in trouble before. Both are pouring over a book about illegal magical practices. The trouble-maker sees you and makes a run for it, while the first year apologises and begs you not to expel them.

Posted by Lilliana Devane on 4/6 19:03:53 (0 Comments)

Hogwarts is baffled as Gabriel Velasquez has mysteriously stepped down as Head of Gryffindor. We all may be sad to see this new face go so soon but let's make sure to give a huge congratulations to Finnigan Cross. That's right, Hogwarts, our beloved Potions Master has been promoted to Head of House. Congratulations Mr. Cross! He's not the only one though; some of you may have already caught on but the former Head of International Affairs, Graham Walker, is coming to work as our Astronomy Professor. We'd like to congratulate him as well and give him a warm welcome to Hogwarts. With that being said, we are all very excited for the start of next term and can't wait to see what it has in store for all of us.

End of Term Announcements!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 4/1 14:12:11 (13 Comments)

It's the moment you all have been eagerly waiting for. Now that term is over it's time to announce the winners! It was such a close call but Gryffindor managed to snatch up the house cup for the first time in what some may feel like forever. They have earned 3,087 points just barely making it past Slytherin who have earned 3,061 points! Both houses battled it out over the last couple of weeks and it was certainly grand to see. We would like to congratulate both houses for their determination. Mind, a special congratulations to Gryffindor as their hard work has finally paid off. It seems that there was a strong effort from all the houses though and we certainly can't wait to see what's in store for next term!

With so many choices, the professors surely found it difficult to pick just a single person for the awards, but of course, there can only be one award for each class.

Art History - Griffin Oshanahan
Care of Magical Creatures - Piper West
Charms - Rachel Owens
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Shadrak Walls
Divinations - Ashley Andersson
Herbology - Xiomara Higgins
History of Magic - Bertram Knowles
Muggle Studies - Griffin Oshanahan
Potions - Xiomara Higgins
Quidditch/Flying - Nash Jennings
Transfiguration - Sybil Delys

Congratulations to all of you for your perseverance!

Among the exciting news we also have a few changes to Hogwarts Staff. With Luke Donovan missing, Lilliana Devane has stepped up to the plate and is the new Headmistress. Now having settled and wanting to devote time to her newborn child, Brynlee Zane has returned as Deputy Headmistress and Head of Ravenclaw. Declan Kelly has been called back to the Ministry for reasons unknown though in his place is a popular Journalist, Gabriel Velasquez, who will also be the new Muggle Studies Professor! The man with the glorious locks, Breckin Gilchrist, has returned to his previous position as Hogwarts Governor and taking over as your new Care of Magical Creatures Professor will be the one and only, Elizabeth Devane! The beloved Danielle Ashford has stepped down to pursue a new career leaving Lilliana to take over Herbology. Lumina Brier has also decided to take her leave as our much adored Divinations Professor. While we don't know what's in store for either of the former Hogwarts Professors, we wish them both the best in their endeavors!

On a side note, despite what seems like quite a few Professors leaving our midst through all the recent happenings, there will still be many familiar faces next term; they'll just be in different places! Lana Van Sarkin has become the new Charms Professor while Kasia Lisette has taken on Transfiguration. Simon De La Croix will be taking over History of Magic in place of Declan. Of course, with Brynlee Zane returning as Head of Ravenclaw she will be bringing back the one curricular that many of you might have missed; Foods Class! Things seem to finally be looking up here at Hogwarts and we hope that next term will be the best yet.

As always, you all may now apply to Year-Up by clicking here. You can also head to Platform 9 & 3/4 to head home (or even return!). You never know the friends you might make on the train. Before you all take leave though we ask that you place your votes for LA awards -- which you can find here. Both voting and Year-Up applications will close on April 28th.

Our final announcement regards those who will be staying behind during the term break. Due to all of the strange happenings at Hogwarts, we will be taking all of you to stay at Hogsmeade for the duration of the break. That means that there will be no student at the castle over break.

Fool's Day Carnival
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 3/27 0:04:35 (0 Comments)

Welcome, welcome, one and all,
to the Easter Fool's Day Festival.
May the day fair long,
For each and every color you may find,
something hidden inside.
Some of it may be useful and pretty,
or it could be filled with something stinky.
For I am the Fool of Easter Fool's Day
Let the pranks begin!

Greetings to everyone young and old. This year we are holding our Easter and April Fool's Day event for the next two weeks in the hopes you find yourselves needing something to do. With the school closed for the holidays and everyone wrought with terror of the unknown out there threatening our young students, the proprietors of Diagon Alley have decided to host an Easter Festival this year. However, as the day is so close to April Fool's, the fool has become highly affronted and has vowed to make sure no one enjoys the festivities of that darn bunny without a little of his own fun. As pranks become plentiful, be sure to please the fool by stopping by Weasley Wizard Wheezes for a few practical joke items. However, let us not forget that Easter is a symbol of hope and renewal of things to come. Don't forget there are Easter Eggs hidden around the shopping area to be found. For every exceptional Role-Play made you have the chance to earn your house 10 points to get a head start on winning the house cup. Graduates are welcome to join in the fun and maybe let out that inner child and have a food fight or two with the students of Hogwarts.

New Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 3/24 20:32:55 (12 Comments)

With some of the changes around Ravenclaw, I'd like to congratulate Xiomara Higgins who has been promoted to Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain! Xiomara is a wonderful addition to the student staff and we can't wait to cheer her and the team on!

Special Power Applications!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 3/20 23:37:43 (2 Comments)

It's that time again people!

We have opened the Special Power applications once again. Only this time, the previous guide some of you may have studied has been replaced with a new and improved SP Guideline! Things will most likely change as we progress but for now this is what you'll need to read before you send in your application.

The apps will be open until April 18th. Make sure you click here to apply.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Good luck everyone!

February Role Play of The Month
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 3/14 10:54:15 (5 Comments)

This month's winner is filled with humour, subtlety amd character development. The thread details yet another crafty prank in the riveting series between Shadrak Walls and Xiomara Higgins, but this one has a personal twist. Between the sharp wit of a Ravenclaw and the cunning of a Slytherin, February's winner is sure to keep you entertained until the very end. Read on about Xiomara and Shadrak's humorous misadventures in Beauty is Skin Deep to find out more!

Our first runner-up is I'm a Mess Right Now featuring Bertram Knowles and Piper West. This thread, both heartfelt and curious, displays excellent writing, plenty of detail and a nod toward current events. Our beloved Head Boy and Girl broach the touchy subject of Hogwart's suspicious activities. This interaction not only has the warm elements of friendship, but addresses the ominous events that linger in the shadows.

Melony Shorts and Shay O'Connor snag the place of second runner-up this month. Character development and endearing writing show that these two are heading to great places with their role-playing. The great descriptions along Loch Lake make this a lighthearted and easy read. Shay and Melony discuss their first impressions of Hogwarts and home life. Fancy an adventure? Read on in Journey to the Lake!

Posted by Isaac Emory on 2/22 15:51:27 (6 Comments)

Apologies for the long delay - the HB bar/chatbar SHOULD now be visible for people again. For the time being, the HB Requests tab will link you to your Address Book, where you can accept/decline requests - this will be changed to work inline again in the future.

If anyone encounters any issues with the bar, or anything that looks out of place, please report it in the bug thread.

Gryffindor Prefect Applications
Posted by Declan Kelly on 2/21 11:27:16 (0 Comments)

Attention all students:

Gryffindor is search for dedicated members to be apart of our House Staff. We are looking for people that are willing to put in enough time into Lumos Alliance and Gryffindor House to get things done. You must be friendly, willing to work with others, and a drive to help make this site better. We don't care which house you currently reside in or how long you have been on the site. This application is open to all houses and all years.

To give you a general idea of what prefects do around these parts please refer to the list below:

- Greet all new members in a friendly and helpful way.
- Assist prefects from other houses in assigned projects by main staff.
- Monitor forums for any rule-breaking and attend to it properly.
- Get involved in House Projects.
- Most importantly be proactive. If something looks like it needs to be done, get it done or ask a staff member if you're unsure about what to do.

If you feel you meet these qualifications please send me, Declan Kelly an owl with the following application.



Why do you want to be a Prefect?
How active can you be on the site?
What kind of ideas or activities would you like to do to help with activity?

Please be as detailed as possible in your application. This application can also double for anyone wanting to be a junior prefect as well.

Valentine's Day Ball
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 2/14 12:08:21 (0 Comments)

Rise and shine young love birds! You all know what today is right? Valentine's Day. Despite all the complaints from the grumpy single students and staff we've decided to go ahead and have our traditional Valentine's Day Ball! That's right folks, you get to go out there and mingle or mush it up with your honey-bear.

Go ahead and check things out here! There's plenty for all of you to do. All we ask is that you don't horde the chocolates. We know it's depressing not having that candy to cry over while you watch that cute couple near by snog. We think this year it's time for you to do something else.. like maybe find that significant other you want so badly. Just tell your crush how you feel and get over it already. What's the worse that could happen?

Ahh the smell of rejection will be strong this year.

Oh, and did we mention that you can get up to 20 house points per thread for this event once it's over? Better get to it!

January Role-Play of the Month!
Posted by Elizabeth Devane on 2/8 16:40:37 (6 Comments)

There was a fantastic amount of role-playing from our gallery of marvelous writers this month! We had a blast reading all the threads and truly had to work to skim it down to our top finalists. However, we believe we found some of LA’s best and most entertaining threads.

This month’s number one thread has the drama, the tears, the fears, and the character development that make our site great! In Flying through the Corridors, Xiomara Higgins and Piper West explore all the trials and tribulations that come with being a teenager in such troubling times as Hogwarts is experiencing right now. Make sure to check out how these two Ravenclaw girls work through all the angst and turmoil.

In a very close second, the runner-up thread brings a lot of energy and fun to our roleplaying forums. For the Fun of it All has the humor and entertainment that reminds you how writing about life at Hogwarts can be so fun! Griffin Oshanahan & Rachel Owens meet in a very original and laughable fashion when exploring the snowy grounds of Hogwarts. Be forewarned: some snow may have been injured during the creation of this thread.

Coming in as our honorable mention, are the explorations and mishaps of Shadrak Walls and Ezra Seeley in Going Stair-Crazy. As usual, the dim-witted Seeley is all sorts of confused and confounded, bringing great entertainment to both Shadrak and all of us readers! You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see whether or not they master the riddle of the stairs!

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