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Wanted: New Hufflepuff Prefect
Posted by Lumina Brier on 7/15 8:27:15 (0 Comments)

Long story short, the noble House of Badgers is looking for a new Prefect. If you feel that this position was invented right for you, then maybe it's your time to shine! Fill in the following form and owl it to me before the term break ends (August 31st). NB: Anyone can apply, regardless of their House.

Age (in RL):
When did you join LA?
Any past experience?
Why should you be chosen? What makes you a great candidate?
Come up with few ideas for our House (be detailed):
How much time can you dedicate to Prefect duties?

Good luck, everyone. We, the Hufflepuff staff, cannot wait to hear from you.

June Role Play of the Month
Posted by Lumina Brier on 7/8 11:19:07 (6 Comments)

Professor Elissa Galivare is just one of the many of us who curses Mondays into oblivion. The weather wasn't on her side and her students weren't making it any better. Worst of all, there are those grading to be done. Oh, the Mondays of a working adult. Needing a bit of Splish Splash, the lake was no better place on a peaceful morning hours before dawn. However, Elissa's alone time was interrupted by DADA Professor Keith Summers. As old as they may be, some things never change.

It may started off a little below with a few stumbles but Margaret Blair prove to have not lost her touch even in the worst of all days. For the first time in her three years as a student, she had woke up late and to make it the perfect 'Worst of All Days', she had to snap her ankle as she rushed for class. For every damsel with a distress ankle, comes a prince charming in green - Matt Greenspark. An unlikely pair of rivaling houses brought together by a twist of the ankle. How will this second place piece spurn about?

Newly sorted lion cubs, Lilliana Caislin and Teresa Rose took third place as they are gently Treading Waters on a possible friendship and another chapter to each of their individual magical life. Put one and one together, what will you get? Read more as they journey through the beginnings of beginnings.

Roleplaying and Word Count
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 7/4 3:20:29 (0 Comments)

It has come to the attention of the staff that some of the posts seen around the site are under the 300 word minimum. For the thread to be classed as a RP, then you need to meet the 300 word requirement, or at least get within 20 words of it if you're struggling.

If you feel you can not write this many words in a post - and yes I know that some people can't (I've been there) - then mark the thread as a "chat" thread instead. It's still an RP, but the same rules do not apply to it as they do for an RP one.

Good luck with your writing, everyone.

Staff Changes
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 6/17 23:00:00 (9 Comments)

Due to real life getting hectic, Alera Summers has decided that it's time for her step down from her position as Head of Gryffindor and Deputy Headmistress. Alera has been a hard working member on LA for the last few years and has done so much to help the site move forward. It's sad to see her go, but we'd like to wish her good luck in all of her future endeavors.

With that being said, we'd like to congratulate Anastasia Wilkins who will be stepping up as Head of Gryffindor, and Lumina Brier who will now be filling the Deputy Headmistress position. Congratulations to both of you!

May Role Play of the Month
Posted by Esmond Summers on 6/13 0:59:37 (8 Comments)

The ever-mysterious Rikuto Jun steps out for a smoke in An Evening Smoke up in the Astronomy Tower, and has an unforeseen run-in with Jaiden Jung. Will the Head Boy be merciful, or will Mr. Jung find himself in more trouble than he bargained for? As our first-place winner this month, you don't want to miss out on this spectacular RP!

Coming Back is a short but sweet thread that can warm any heart. Chris Winst meets old friend Lillaya Moonstar upon his return to Hogwarts. How will the two old friends react to seeing each other? What are they doodling in their sketchbooks? You'll never know if you don't read it!

And last but certainly not least comes Music from the Soul. Bridget Vaughn and our new Potions Master, Aidon Connelly, silently remissness about the good old days while Bridget plays beautiful songs with her flute. What are the causes of their melancholy thoughts? What lies in the memories they are recalling? Take a peek at the winner of third place to see.

Chatbar Upgrades
Posted by Isaac Emory on 6/1 16:04:47 (0 Comments)

The chatbar has been updated. This may cause problems for some of you - if the bar doesn't appear correctly for you, then click the "Change Theme" icon, scroll down and click the "Hangout" link.

If you still have issues, please contact me via owl or post in the bug reporting thread.

Special Powers
Posted by Alera Summers on 5/6 21:44:19 (1 Comments)

The time has come to open up applications for Special Powers. Special Powers consists of things such as Animagus, Metamorphmagus, Vampirism, and so on. Applying for a power does not promise that you will be accepted. Only the best applications will be accepted. If you have questions, please review this thread here. Before you submit your application, make sure the power you are applying for is the one you want. You can only apply for one, so make it count. Professors, Head of House's, and other Staff must owl me with your application.

Click here to apply. The application window is open until the end of term. Which means you have until July 31st to get your applications in. That is ample to time to decide, and make a great application. Good luck to all of you.

April Role Play of the Month!
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 5/4 10:20:48 (4 Comments)

Like mother, like daughter. This is the sort of thing that Nina Jacobs struggles with in this month's role play of the month winner Done All Wrong. Nina seems to try her hardest not to be anything like her mom but feels like she's still heading that way. Breaking school rules and being out of her common room past curfew both seem to be things that have become more of a habit to the young Slytherin, but what will happen when she breaks curfew and tries to enter the forbidden forest and has a chance meeting with Dellyla Rosier, A Gryffindor who's also out wandering the woods to get away from her thoughts? What about when Loki Languini enters the picture? You'll have to head on over to the forbidden forest and read this role play to find out!

Home-sick Hufflepuff Hope Adams goes into the entrance hall expecting another mopey breakfast listening to classic inter-house bickering. This depressing start to the day won't fly with two friendly Gyffindors, Dellyla Rosier and Jaiden Jung, and they both strike up a conversion with the first year. The duo help young Hope feel at home in the first runner up: New Face in a New Place. Why don't you stroll down to breakfast and read all about it? You can pick up a cinnamon roll why you're at it.

Most of us who have siblings can empathize with this second runner up. Catching Up With My Brother is the anticipated reunion of Josey and Aidon Connolly, brother and sister who haven't seen each other since the former's graduation. Will things go smoothly for the nervous little sister? Will she prove to her brother she's grown up? Head over to Madam Puddifoot's Cafe and eavesdrop on this fascinating conversation.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the runner ups. Keep on RPing, everyone!

Start of Term!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 5/1 14:26:34 (0 Comments)

It's been a long month and I know everyone has been waiting, but term 17 has officially started, which means that it's time for you all to get out there and start earning points for your house! Good luck and enjoy the term!

LA Award Winners
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/29 5:23:45 (8 Comments)

It was a really close call this time around, but without further ado, here are your LA award winners!

Most Spirited: Lillaya Moonstar
Mr. Lumos Alliance: Rikuto Jun
Mrs. Lumos Alliance: Alexandria Calla
Most Helpful: Isaac Emory
Most Popular: Silvanus Bevan
Best Role-Player: Hadrian Magnus
Most Improved Role-Player: Dellyla Rosier
Best Newcomer: Dellyla Rosier

Congratulations to all of you and well done. You deserve it!

New Staff Additions!
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/25 14:39:54 (13 Comments)

I know you all have been waiting patiently, but the time has come to announce all the new staff changes. We would like to first welcome back the one and only Keith Summers who is coming back to teach Defense Against the Dark arts! We would also love to welcome and congratulate Anastasia Wilkins who will be taking up Care of Magical Creatures, and Aidon Connolly who is taking over Potions. Congratulations once again to all three of you!

Other than those three taking those positions, we have a couple of new switches from current staff. First off, Vanity Sturbridge has moved from teaching Divinations to now teaching Charms while Brynlee Silversmit has switched out Divinations to teach a brand new Foods class! On the Ravenclaw side of things, Elissa Galivare has decided to step down as Head of Ravenclaw and focus on teaching and developing Qudditch while Lana Van Sarkin will be stepping up as the new Head of Ravenclaw! Congratulations to Lana and good luck to Elissas as she helps work on Quidditch!

Spring Break!
Posted by Elissa Galivare on 4/13 12:35:56 (8 Comments)

What's that I hear? It sounds like a bunch of people having fun on the beach. Oh yeah, that's right, the Huffleclaw Spring Break! event is going on! This event ends on May 1st, so make sure to head on down to the beach and join in on all the ongoing fun!

Links can be found in both Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's CR. Can't have you forgetting anything in your rush to get to the fun, now can we?

March Role Play of The Month
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/12 17:34:48 (7 Comments)

Our winning RP for this month is Jinx, Where are You? with Arianwyn Harries and Cassie Talbot. It is a delightful RP about a boy looking for his lost cat the bond which forms between two strangers. A cute tale with a little bit of mystery and a pleasure to read.

First runner up is You Could Be of Use. When First Year Edwin Cavendish finds Second Year Dellyla Rosier at the brink of the Forbidden Forest, a step on the foot becomes something more. With two very strong personalities, a chance meeting in the middle of the night opens up unspoken possibilities as each must unravel their own, true motivations for being there... Let alone those of the other.

Our second runner up for this month is Old Faces, New Places with fifth year Bailey Marx, and third year Matt Greenspark. It is the catching up of two old and dear friends and it all started with an owl. This thread is filled with playfulness and innocent flirting.

Congratulations to the winners and to the runner ups. Keep on RPing, everyone.

End Of Term Announcements
Posted by Brynlee Silversmit on 4/5 21:17:30 (4 Comments)

I know everyone has been waiting patiently, but the wait is finally over! At times it was a close race, but all their hard work paid off as this term's house cup goes to Ravenclaw! Congratulations to all of you who worked so diligently and secured the cup for your house, and good work to everyone out there who did their best to earn as many points for their house as they could!

Along with the house cup, we also have the departmental awards as well as the bonus point awards to hand out. The departmental awards for each class go out to the student who stood out to that class’s professor and excelled in that class, while the bonus point awards are for those who went above and beyond on their homework. The winners for each class are the following:

Department Awards:

Care of Magical Creatures: Dellyla Rosier
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Sylvia DeLuna
Divination: Rowan Granby
Herbology: Mirra Lecoeur
History of Magic:Demitria Todd
Muggle Studies: Lillaya Moonstar
Potions: Danielle Ashford
Quidditch/Flying: Alisabeth Javor
Charms: Katherine Thompson
Transfiguration: Arianwyn Harries

Bonus Point Awards:

Your top 3 bonus point winners are:
1. Mirra Lecoeur – 53 points
2. Katharine Thompson – 49 points
3. Danielle Ashford – 45 points
The rest of the bonus point winners can be found here.

I want to give a huge congratulations to everyone! Your awards should be given to you shortly. With that, I would like to let everyone know that the LA awards are officially open and will be closed April 28th at 11:59 pm LA time. As always, please remember that you need to actually type someone's name in for “Most Popular.” Good luck!

LA awards can be found here

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