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RPotM February
Posted by Alexandria Calla on 3/14 21:40:31 (3 Comments)

Of broken hearts and venemous plants, the winner goes to Elizabeth McLaggan and Roseanne Hawthorne in A Herbologist Guide To Heartbreak. While others were busy mending their pre Valentine's Day heartbreak, Professor McLaggan's heart is as thorn as her withered Venemous Tentacula. Will she ever find the culprit? Seriously, who would want to destroy those plants although it means we won't be having Herbology classes anytime soon.

The first runner up goes to Mila Wren Kenley and Roseanne Hawthorne for their Forbidden Forest meeting in Valerian Valentine. It starts out as an innocent search for potion ingredients, but who knows what secrets the forest holds? Will the girls' meeting be a happy one? Read to find out.

Lastly, the second runner up goes to the wonderful piece of writing, entitled Third Time's A Charm. It features yet another encounter between the infamous Blackwood and - his friend? love of his life? That's actually an interesting question - Abigail Winston. Despite the festive atmosphere of Valentine's Ball, two of them did not seem too romantic. Want to know, what's really going on? Read it now to find out more.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Ball Closure
Posted by Alexandria Calla on 3/8 23:04:10 (4 Comments)

The Valentine's Ball has now been closed. The winners of the awards are below. Congratulations to everyone.

Best Kisser: Abigail Winston
Snog Hoarder: Meara Mckay
Most Romantic: Roseanne Hawthorne
Kissing Booth Royalty: Eleanor Clarke
Shot by Cupid: Abigail Winston & Damien Blackwood
Best Dressed: Addison Blackwood
Love Sucks: Lilliana Devane

Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted by Lumina Brier on 2/14 0:25:52 (0 Comments)

You are cordially invited to Lumos Alliance Valentine's Day ball. I'm certain it's going to be a pleasant gathering and hope with all my heart you'll be able to attend.

Don't forget to shower your loved ones with chocolates, pretty cards and adorable plushies. :p This event ends in three weeks, on March 7th.

RPotM January
Posted by Elizabeth McLaggan on 2/13 7:27:45 (4 Comments)

In this month's winning role-play we see Roseanne Hawthorne and Ethan Stokely quite literally falling over one another in their hearty discussion about books and photography. Each post is beautifully crafted to capture the innocence of childhood and the magic that comes from a blossoming friendship, and the overall nature of the plot is both enchanting and endearingly clumsy. Read The Curious Nature of Trees for some excellent character development and a tale which will leave you yearning for more!

When friends Zaurack Auriga and Katherine Thompson decide to go to the Yule Ball, Katherine finds herself a little nervous about the whole thing since it's her first time attending the Yule Ball while Zaurack contemplates telling her that he won't be able to attend. Ultimately, he decides to follow through with his word, but gets off to a bad start when he ends up accidentally tearing Head Girl Anna Capello's dress. How will this situation play out? How will Anna react? You'll have to continue reading this month's first runner up, Accidents Can Happen, to find out!

Our second runner up this month is The Blunt of a Triangle. Ghosts of the past hang thickly in the air as Kiara "Akira" Fornax and Hatsuharu Akimoto reunite. Though things have gone awry before it seems feelings cannot be helped. Being so eager to see each other, it's no surprise that they have found each other in the vast crowd. Now that they are working together at our wondrous school it looks as if they'll have to work out their differences. Will they be able to do so? Will Haru discover the truth? What about Kiara? Read on to find out!

The Ball Closure
Posted by Lumina Brier on 1/17 3:56:19 (7 Comments)

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, yet another event has come to its logical conclusion. It was rather delightful to see many of our talented members participating, and without further ado I would like to announce the winners of Yule Ball Awards!

Yule King - Matt GreenSpark
Yule Queen - Thea Mellore
Cutest Couple - Bridget Vaughn and Arthur Kinsey
Best Dressed - Kasia Lisette
Best Roleplayer - a tie (Jemma Flynn and Thea Mellore)
Best RP Thread - also a tie ( "When Shoe's Missing and Midnight's Striking" and "Liberi Fatali")
The Hogwarts Scrooge - Silvanus Bevan

When it comes to the results of Design a Mask competition, all your wonderful submissions are still being evaluated. We apologize for an unexpected delay, and we'll keep you informed.

Update: Our winner has finally been chosen. Congratulations to Jack Flynn! Your prize item will be delivered to you shortly.

The Ball forum is going to remain open for a bit longer, in case there's any plotting left unfinished. If any of you want to continue their roleplays. do not hesitate to owl me, and I'll move your threads to Muggle Fiction. Thank you.

RPotM December
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 1/12 16:14:48 (7 Comments)

Our RPoTM begins when seventh year Slytherin Abigail Winston loses a bet with seventh year Gryffindor Damien Blackwood in A Bet Is A Bet. After losing a drinking contest, Miss Winston is obligated to go to the Yule Ball with Mr. Blackwood. Although, it doesn't seem like much of an obligation between these two! With teasing remarks and flushed cheeks, we're curious to see where these two are headed!

Sneaking around and stealing things isn't all that uncommon for Ava Everwood. After taking some time to travel and getting into trouble due to her illegal activities, Ava has made her way back to London and finds herself breaking into what she perceives to be a Muggle house despite the fact that she knows she need to keep a low profile. Assuming the house to be empty, Ava finds herself in a predicament as the resident of the house, Silas Cain, confronts her with a gun as his defense. Will Ava be able to get herself out of her current situation? You'll have to read this month's thrilling runner up, Disturbances and Destruction to find out!

In our second runner up the badger we've all grown to love, Anna Capello, is just enjoying her morning when a sudden hail storm hits and she is thrown to the ground. Curtis Cobaine is nearby and just like the gentleman he always seems to be, he rushes over to help. How will this predicament turn out? You'll just have to read Hailstones and Broken Bones to find out.

Yule Ball Voting
Posted by Lumina Brier on 1/10 7:21:07 (0 Comments)

The ball ends in few days. Do not forget to owl me your ballots before it's too late!

HB Bar Unavailable
Posted by Isaac Emory on 1/10 6:14:05 (0 Comments)

Work is being carried out on the HB bar. It may be missing at varying times during the next 24 hours.

New Ravenclaw SS Chosen
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 1/4 16:29:04 (7 Comments)

Thank you for all the applications we received. They were all good but we had to make a choice.
I would like to congratulate Miss Danielle Nguyen who will be the new Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain and Miss Meghan Frsik who will step up as Ravenclaw Prefect. We're happy to have you on the team and looking forward to working with you!

Ravenclaw SS Apps
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 1/1 16:25:28 (0 Comments)

Now that Lilliana Devane has become Ancient Runes Professor and Danielle Ashford sadly has decided to step down from her position as Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Ravenclaw is currently looking for two students to join our student staff as Prefect or Quidditch Captain.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and send it to me. Applicants from all houses are welcome!

Weekly Activity:
Previous Experience:
Why do you want to join the student staff?
There's a House event and people don't seem to be posting in the thread- What do you do to encourage them?:
One event idea:

Term 19 Is Here!
Posted by Lumina Brier on 1/1 3:04:18 (5 Comments)

Yes, time to hit the books again, ladies and gentlemen. Certainly there will be amusing lessons for you all to attend, so stay on the lookout. The term is going to last till March 31st.

Good luck.

New Term and New Professors
Posted by Lumina Brier on 12/31 2:06:10 (11 Comments)

It's almost the New Year and the nineteenth term, everyone. Classes are going to open at some point, and in regards to this matter I would like to congratulate our recently hired Professors – Elizabeth McLaggan, Hatsuharu Akimoto and Lilliana Devane. They will be teaching you Herbology, Transfiguration and Ancient Runes respectively. I'm certain they will do us proud. :3

One more important moment – your votes for the Lumos Alliance awards have now been tallied, and it's a huge pleasure for me to finally announce our glorious winners. Those people, who had been the life of our little community throughout previous term and definitely deserved the recognition they are about to receive.

Most Spirited – Anna Capello
Mr. Lumos Alliance – Wil Anon
Ms. Lumos Alliance – Lilliana Devane
Most Helpful – Lumina Brier
Best Roleplayer – Hadrian Magnus
Most Improved – Matt GreenSpark
Best Newcomer – Roseanne Hawthorne
Most Popular – Lumina Brier

Well done, all of you.

Yule Ball Has Started
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 12/25 6:47:46 (0 Comments)

The Yule Ball has started and the members of the staff and student staff have prepared events for everyone. Feel free to check it out here.

This event is masquerade, so don't forget your masks. Have fun and enjoy your festive season.

Important Notice to Everyone
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 12/11 1:59:20 (2 Comments)

It has come to the attention of the staff that some of the stuff written around the forum is pushing the boundaries of our ToS and making some of the members of the forum a little uncomfortable.

While we understand that the site is rated with a "Teen" rating, this does not mean that people can get down and dirty in the main parts of the forum. The rating is there to help keep the members of the LA community safe and to make sure that the members of the site feel safe in and around the forum.

We are also aware that parts of the forum - namely estates and houses - can be set to private. Please do not see this is a loophole in the ToS which means you can RP graphic x-rated scenes. While you might of legal age to do such things, the person you are writing with might not be. You need to make sure that the person you are playing with is also of a legal age, this is legal age for their country, not yours. The last thing we need is parents seeing this and reporting it to someone, which is why this announcement is being written.

Please remember that there are real people writing with you and real behind the people who helped to build this site. Real people with feelings and emotions. Respect these people, tag your threads. While some of you are fine with some things, others might not be. Also, some things can act as a trigger for people, so please tag your threads if you feel that they need to be tagged.

Lumos Alliance is a community made for everyone, please be respectful of this. If you wish to write something a little more r-rated, then please be tasteful about it, please tag it, and post it in a place where some of the younger members will not see it. Please keep in mind when you RP that there are other people with you and you need to be mindful of them.

This has been a service announcement from your staff.

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