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Important Notice to Everyone
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 12/11 1:59:20 (2 Comments)

It has come to the attention of the staff that some of the stuff written around the forum is pushing the boundaries of our ToS and making some of the members of the forum a little uncomfortable.

While we understand that the site is rated with a "Teen" rating, this does not mean that people can get down and dirty in the main parts of the forum. The rating is there to help keep the members of the LA community safe and to make sure that the members of the site feel safe in and around the forum.

We are also aware that parts of the forum - namely estates and houses - can be set to private. Please do not see this is a loophole in the ToS which means you can RP graphic x-rated scenes. While you might of legal age to do such things, the person you are writing with might not be. You need to make sure that the person you are playing with is also of a legal age, this is legal age for their country, not yours. The last thing we need is parents seeing this and reporting it to someone, which is why this announcement is being written.

Please remember that there are real people writing with you and real behind the people who helped to build this site. Real people with feelings and emotions. Respect these people, tag your threads. While some of you are fine with some things, others might not be. Also, some things can act as a trigger for people, so please tag your threads if you feel that they need to be tagged.

Lumos Alliance is a community made for everyone, please be respectful of this. If you wish to write something a little more r-rated, then please be tasteful about it, please tag it, and post it in a place where some of the younger members will not see it. Please keep in mind when you RP that there are other people with you and you need to be mindful of them.

This has been a service announcement from your staff.

Role Play of the Month- November
Posted by Anastasia Wilkins on 12/10 22:12:04 (5 Comments)

After previously being given a detention, Roseanne meets the Grounds Keeper in the Forbidden Forest to accept her punishment. And what better way to spend the night with Elizabeth McLaggan than picking fluxweed? Follow the pair as they discuss their lives and find out how similar they really are in our winner for RPotM, Fluxweed Detention.

Struggling with family life as well as all her duties as not only a student, but a prefect as well, Lilliana Devane finds herself in a bit of a mess with her housemate and Head Girl, Alisabeth Yurie. In the first runner up, Breaking Down the Basics, we learn the reason for the young prefect's outburst in the Great Hall when she hexed an underclassman. Will the Head Girl pardon her fellow raven? Or will Lilliana have to pay the price for her behavior? There's only one way to find out.

There were many different costumes worn at the Halloween Ball. Some people got more stuck into their character than others, including Pokémon trainer Gillian Everick. In this month's second runner up, the trainer is out to catch a new Pokémon: Jaiden Jung, Cupid. The battle intensifies as the two begin an archery contest with imaginary arrows. Will Gillian succeed in becoming one step closer to catching 'em all? Or will Jaiden find a way to escape? Find out in I Choose You, Cupidchu!

Staff Appreciation Week!
Posted by Alexandria Calla on 12/8 12:06:19 (4 Comments)

Staff Appreciation Week has begun! Go here to learn more about it.

Yule Auctions
Posted by Lumina Brier on 12/8 0:23:27 (0 Comments)

No doubt you all are already aware, Christmas is coming our way, along with our annual festivities.

Meanwhile you are waiting for the yet another ball to begin, I strongly encourage you to stop by Auction House and check, if anyone you fancy is up for grabs this year.

Yule Auctions close on December 22st, 12:00 am LA time.

Staff Changes And Prof Apps
Posted by Lumina Brier on 12/5 5:54:34 (2 Comments)

I have to inform all of you that our very own Minister of Magic Esmond Summers and DADA Professor Keith Summers have decided to resign from their occupations. While we all are going to miss their handsome faces and Keith's chocolate frogs stash dearly, we wish both of them all that is best on earth in their future endeavors.

Starting next term, Ms. Kiara Fornax will be teaching you Defense Against the Dark Arts, and if anyone of you has a long-standing desire to apply for staff, now you are also granted an opportunity.The positions of Herbology and Transfiguration professors are going to remain vacant till Christmas. Good luck.

House Cup And Other News
Posted by Lumina Brier on 12/5 4:57:30 (6 Comments)

As you may have noticed, the struggle for House Cup had been extremely intense this term. Without further ado, I would like to announce the Term 18's absolute winners – Hufflepuffs, who worked tirelessly and cooperatively to deserve this honorary title. In total they have earned 3359 house points and were very closely followed by Slytherins (with 3194 points) that had done everything in their power, but unfortunately were not able to seize the victory. I was rather pleased to see how much effort and dedication all members put into supporting their Houses, and is also proud of Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, who earned 1724 and 1456 points respectively. Congratulations to all of you!

Regarding the individual scores, it's essential to celebrate the achievements of our extraordinary students, who pushed their ways into the top twenty. Their names you can see here, in your report card under Bonus Points Score Board. Furthermore, our professors that had been diligently writing lessons for you picked the best of the lot in their classes.

Amazing job, guys!

Care of Magical Creatures - Kain Von Carr
Charms - Aveline Von Carr
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Grace Hewitt
Foods - Kain Von Carr
History of Magic – Lucrezia Van Alftan
Muggle Studies - Anya Parkin
Potions - Roseanne Hawthorne
Quidditch/Flying – Anna Capello
Transfiguration - Anna Capello

It goes without saying that now, when you are well aware of your results, is the time to reap the fruits. Year up applications are already open, darlings, and you can reach them by clicking this link. Also please, spend a spare moment to vote for our traditional awards, but do not forget – you under no circumstances are allowed to vote for yourself (or your second accounts). That would not be fair, would it?

Lastly, it had almost slipped my mind that Platform 9 and 3 / 4 is currently available for everyone, who wants to roleplay over there. Have fun and enjoy your time off.

Term Break!
Posted by Lumina Brier on 12/1 0:47:37 (0 Comments)

Congratulations, everyone! You have survived another term. Now, please, sit back and relax, while we're marking the rest of your assignments. :)

Term break ends on December, 31st.

Halloween Ball Results
Posted by Lumina Brier on 11/25 13:16:59 (7 Comments)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone, who owled me their ballots, and congratulate our amazing award winners. Anna Capello and Thea Mellore looked so stunning in their attires both of them were proclaimed the Most Beautiful ladies of the night.
Most Original – Jaiden Jung
Funniest – Elissa Galivare
Best Couple – Zadrina Gibbs and Hadrian Magnus
Scariest - Veronica Giles

When it comes down to the Costume Contest, there were three participants that really stood out - Veronica Giles receives the first prize for her terrifyingly good Zombie Mermaid this school is not going to forget any time soon. Jaiden Jung and Thea Mellore, dressed as Cupid and Byzantine Empress respectively, have become the runner ups, and all of them are going to receive rewards for their achievements in the nearest future.

Now, to the moment I'm sure you all have been looking forward to – House Points records. A huge well done to Slytherins, who suddenly recovered from a deadly slumber and earned a whopping 1124 points.

The second place goes to Gryffindors, who collected 508 points and were closely followed by Hufflepuffs with 464 points in total and Ravenclaws with 318 points. Well done, everyone! The forum is going to be open for next few days, so hurry up and tally your individual scores, if you need to submit them for Prizes for Points competition.

Halloween Ball Has Come to Its Close
Posted by Lumina Brier on 11/22 0:15:58 (0 Comments)

The forum is now closed, so the professors could mark your, without a doubt, amazing posts. Please, stay patient. The results of RP contest and Halloween Awards will be announced as soon as only possible. :3

Roleplay of the Month - October
Posted by Alexandria Calla on 11/13 0:56:18 (5 Comments)

Anya Parkin has always found joy in flying since the young age of seven, while Serena Caldwell has had it grow on her since coming to Hogwarts. Both are ready for pre-tryout practice. What will happen when Bludgers and Quaffle are both in play? Read the winner for this months RPoTM, Practice Makes Perfect, and find out!

Moving on to our first runner up, we involuntarily become the witnesses of a heated argument between no one other than Gilbert Gannon and Vivian Giles. Apparently the turbulent duo had something very important to fight over, seeing as their encounter involved harsh words, beatings and intricate wand movements, most of which the poor Slytherin had to take on himself. Want to get to the bottom of this story? *Cue Battle Music* would be a right place to start.

"Give that back, you wallowing muck-dwelling scum!" Quidditch Professor Ellissa Galivare had a What the Faire?! moment that lead her to be nothing less than defenselessly upside down. Like every damsel in distress, a knight in shining armor saves the day but in the form of Keith Summers in the second runner-up.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done.

Halloween Ball Awards
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 11/11 3:01:43 (1 Comments)

Remember to get your votes in before the ball ends. The categories can be found here.

All Hallows' Eve Has Arrived
Posted by Lumina Brier on 10/31 1:41:53 (0 Comments)

…. along with our annual Halloween Ball! Darling ladies and gentlemen, you all are invited to this bewitching soiree complete with haunting music and terrific treats. There also are roleplaying and costume contest hosted by staff. So, don your best costumes and be sure to join us for a night of spooktacular fun. The event is going to end on the 21th of November. 11:59 LA time.

Attention: Accidently Coming to Speakers Near You
Posted by Lumina Brier on 10/24 20:31:09 (0 Comments)

Some of you may have heard about your Student Staff unintentionally broadcasting a conversation on the Wizarding Wireless Receiver. Their discussion, as most are now a days, was concerning the recent weather catastrophes and strange occurrences. Expect more from from this dedicated group of SS, though hopefully future broadcasts will be intentional, and shed a little more light on the subject.

Roleplay of the Month - September
Posted by Silvanus Bevan on 10/11 21:40:44 (9 Comments)

Our RPotM are as follows:

Homework isn't most people's idea of a good time, on this particular day it becomes particularly exasperating to Miss Lilliana Devane. Matters go from bad to worse when Miss Ruth Andrews accidentally knocks over a goblet of juice - you guessed it - all over Lilliana's paper. Alisabeth Yurie happens upon the pair, who have already defiled her breakfast quiet time. This drama should come with its own warning label: Beware, addicting material ahead, so make sure you read this month's winner, Wrong Place Wrong Time.

In this month's runner up, Homesick, we see that Serinea Blackwood is itching to get away from the busyness of the school and to find a quieter and calmer place for her to practice her violin. Having found such a spot, she begins to play her Violin while reminiscing about her time back home, particularly her time with her mother. While she is off in her own thoughts, the sound of her music seems to catch the attention of fellow Slytherin Klauss Forstner, who decides to follow the music until he stumbles upon the girl in the midst of playing a song. With both of them seeming to be nervous about the others presence, only time will tell out this tale turns out!

In our second runner up, Prior To An Alibi, we see that Matt GreenSpark and Dellyla Duprey both seem to be battling the demons of their past, but while Matt seems to be trying to face his head on, Dellyla chooses to run away from hers which leads her to find Matt standing waist deep in the lake. After diving under the water and not seeing him come back up, she decides to take action and goes in after him to save him but ends up needing to be saved herself. You'll need to keep reading this story to see how things turn out for the two of them!

Congratulations to everyone and well done.

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