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November Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Jack Flynn on 12/1 0:01:59 (3 Comments)

Why so Serious?

All Hallow's Eve is the perfect opportunity to be someone you're not, and surprising everybody, that is exactly what happened with two infamous Hufflepuff students in this month's winner! Emotions run high between the Faulkner twins in this delightful read, showcasing that beneath their cold and hard exteriors the Faulkner twins are capable of showing emotion. Don't tell anybody, though, they wouldn't believe you.

It wasn't the Maid
For the simple love affair that is Broseanne life is always fun and games. For the cinderella wanna be leaving the Halloween party with who she classed as her prince charming upon her arm the Slytherin house would have a lot to deal with in the relationship between the seventh year head boy Bethram Knows All Knowles and their quidditch captain fifth year Roseanne Hawthorne. From teasing to raiding the kitchens, the possiblities were endless for the famous LA couple.

Study Session
This is the story of a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor. The two seem to be looking for a quiet place to study. They find themselves an empty classroom. The two work together to get their study area set up and get straight into their books. There's nothing quite like a couple of studious students for this month's third place winner!

New Slytherin Prefect
Posted by Elizabeth McLaggan on 11/29 17:16:01 (8 Comments)

Please join me in congratulating Dominique Beauregard as the newest addition to Slytherin's Student Staff. We know she'll make an excellent addition to the team and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for our lucky house.

Congratulations and good luck, Dominique!

Hogwarts Tournament: Second Task!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/28 16:21:04 (0 Comments)

The house elves were all a flurry with the sudden disappearance of several stores of raw meat this past weekend. Despite the raucous in the kitchen from our disgruntled workers however, the first task of the Herculean Competition was an entertaining success! Competitors had to get crafty to try and wrangle their invisible quarry. To our delight, we witnessed many ingenious methods of gathering up Hogwarts’ herd of thestrals. From sleuthing out hoof prints, to blasting clouds of dirt and streams of water, to lovely tied ribbon, and a range of horseback riding skills…the champions of Hogwarts put on a real show in the Forbidden Forest!

The competition is sure to further test their fast-paced wit and cleverness as we enter into the second task. Whether you’re partaking as a competitor or just want to witness all the fantastical efforts of your favorite champions, gather here to move on to the next event!

New Gryffindor Staff
Posted by Jack Flynn on 11/16 22:49:29 (7 Comments)

After much deliberation we have finally chosen our new Gryffindor Prefect as well as our first Junior Prefect. Please give a round of congratulations to Eric Delon who will be our Prefect and along side him is our first Junior Prefect Jessalyn Reigns. Treat my prefects well. Except for Nate. You can be mean to Nate.

October Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Gregory James on 11/14 10:21:42 (7 Comments)

Eamon McCrae prefers his girls dancing to talking, and the cheeky lad looked looked forward this latest Murder Myster party for more than just the planned entertainment. He certainly got more than he bargained for with Lilah Harcourt in this month’s winning role-play; Highly Suspect. Of course, the party didn’t end without an interruption from Sebastian Rosenthorn who couldn’t conceal his distaste for Lilah. Could there be an addition victim at the event before the night ends?

Hogwarts can certainly be a confusing place, and for Hufflepuff's Ezra Seeley and Ravenclaw's Xiomara Higgins, exploring the castle has presented them with an unexpected barrier. In this month's amusing first runner-up, the two young friends seek out one of the school's many hidden passages before their search morphs into somewhat of an adventure when they come to face dizzying heights and eerie paths. Read on in How To Get Lost to see how the pair's antics pan out.

With his achievement of Deputy Minister of Magic newly added to his duties as Head Unspeakable, you could only pity the amount of work one Alexander Blake has been left with lately. With his close friend Jillian Andrews also burdened down with the daily hassles of Head Obliviator, the pair hardly have any time to rest. While the two take a spare moment out of their tight schedules to meet up in a bar, you can follow their playful conversation in this month's second runner-up, Somewhere a Clock is Ticking.

Hogwarts Tournament: First Task
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/14 1:11:40 (4 Comments)

The days of the Hogwarts Herculean Competition have arrived! In the mythical days of yore, Hercules was said to have completed twelve tremendous tasks. This fantastical myth represents the strength you must possess to complete the tasks that await you. However, might is not always shown through the power of muscle. Each pair of competitors will need to wield many skills as they progress through the various tasks. Are you ready to test yourself against Hogwarts’ finest? Who will rise, victorious in the end? Your time has come. Enter the arena…

Gryffindor Prefect Applications
Posted by Jack Flynn on 11/11 19:53:47 (0 Comments)

A reminder that Gryffindor is still on the look out for a new prefect. It doesn't matter which house you are in or what year you are to apply. Please check here for more information.

Deadline for applications is November 16th

Halloween Ball is Now Closed
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/9 18:21:55 (8 Comments)

Hey everyone! The results are in and the Halloween ball is now officially closed. Let's give a special congrats to Piper West who won the Pumpkin Carving event! Aside from that we all know what you've been waiting for so I won't keep you waiting! The costume contest winners are as follows:

- Most Beautiful Costume: Hattie Knox
- Most Original Costume: Louisa Brookes
- Funniest Costume: Xiomara Higgins
- Best Couples Costume: Roseanne Hawthorne & Mallory Haggith
- Scariest Costume: Oliver Hart

Congratulations you lot! Thanks to everyone else who took part as well! We'll be looking forward to next year.

Hogwarts Tournament
Posted by Elizabeth McLaggan on 11/8 11:38:56 (3 Comments)

Your professors have tested your knowledge and skill through rigorous studies. Now, the time has come for students to take their examinations into their own hands. In the Hogwarts Herculean Tasks, you will pair up with another contender who will help balance out your strengths and weaknesses. The pair of you will compete against others in three events that will test your cunning, agility, wit, and stamina. Prove yourself to be the champions of Hogwarts, etch your name into the history of our school, and make your house proud! Gather here to find out more information and request a partner. The first task will begin in one week, so make sure you're prepared!

The Halloween Ball Has Started!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 10/24 0:08:29 (1 Comments)

In celebration of Halloween, though a bit earlier than normal, the Halloween Ball has officially started! We have games for you to take part in and prizes for you to win. The ball will be open until November 7th 11:59 pm LA time, so go enjoy yourself while you can!

Gryffindor Prefect Applications
Posted by Jack Flynn on 10/19 13:51:54 (6 Comments)

Attention Students:

A position on the Gryffindor staff has opened up for the Prefect. We are looking for dedicated members willing to pitch in and help Gryffindor be a fantastic house. You do not need to be in Gryffindor house to apply. It does not matter which house, year or how long you have been apart of LA to apply. Please fill out the application below and owl it to Jack Flynn by November 16th.


Current House:

- What makes you the perfect canidate to become a Gryffindor Prefect?
- How much time can you dedicate to being Prefect per week?
- What are your greatest strengths that would be helpful to the site and Gryffindor house?
- If you see someone spamming in threads around the site, what's the first thing you would do?
- Prefects are expected to participate and help out in House Events. You have something major coming up the week before it begins, what do you?
- Name three things that you would do in order inspire fellow Gryffindors to get involved in site events? (be as detailed as possible)

(Please note to apply as yourself and not in character.)

Good luck to all that apply!

Attention Students!
Posted by Brynlee Zane on 10/11 19:20:12 (26 Comments)

As some of you may have heard, unfortunately Professor McLaggan has had to be rushed to St. Mungo's to get treated for a bite she received from a manticore while out in the forbidden forest. Due to this, Herbology exams have been canceled for now while Professor McLaggan recovers. In the meantime, The curfew has been changed to 7 o'clock sharp and all students are to stay away from the Forbidden Forest until further notice. Any students caught out by the Forbidden Forest or outside past curfew will be dealt with accordingly.

RIP Gryffindor
Posted by Breckin Gilchrist on 10/5 17:27:13 (13 Comments)

It has recently come to our attention that power has gone to Jack Flynn's head since his recent promotion to the Head of Gryffindor. His most recent act has seen him kidnapping a student against their will, forcing them to do his bidding with no pay.

Please join us in congratulating Nathaniel Rosenthorn on his return to the role of prefect - for Gryffindor!

New Head of Gryffindor!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 10/2 17:12:18 (10 Comments)

After much deliberation, Professor Alera Summers has decided to step down as Gryffindor's Head of House leaving the ever so lovable and slightly sexy Jack Flynn in charge. Let's give a special congratulations to him as this means a big change for him as well as Gryffies! What kind of change? We shall see. Though it should be expected that they all receive new mirrors and a Sass 101 class taught exclusively by the Head of House himself. Congrats Professor Flynn! May you prosper in all that you do, wherever you turn.

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